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    Default OFFICIAL: Farseer Soul live now on PTS!


    The newest Primalist Soul, Farseer, is now available on the Public Test Shard!

    The Farseer is a powerful Area of Effect healer that focuses on averting harm and changing the flow of fate to protect allies. It's Primal Avatar is the Ouroboros, the ancient symbol of eternal creation and destruction. We've just placed the Farseer soul on the Public Test Shard for you to explore and discover!

    There are a few key mechanics to help effective gameplay of this unique soul.

    First up, we have Soul Fragments and Empower. A Soul Fragment is generated when you cast some of your spells (Insight, Spiritual Guidance, and Rend Soul); Empower consumes a single Soul Fragment to boost your next eligible ability. You cannot generate another Soul Fragment until you Empower an ability. Each spell will have a unique behavior when empowered - refer to the individual tooltips for more information.

    Secondly, the Farseer can harness Fates. These are unique buffs that dramatically affect your healing. The two most powerful are Delayed Fate and Impending Fate. Delayed Fate simply increases your AoE healing by 25%. Impending Fate causes direct AoE healing (such as that caused by Insight and Fortune Protection) to be increased by 400%, at the cost of consuming a Soul Fragment with each cast. Keep in mind that you may only employ one Fate at a time!

    This all pairs well with an important Farseer talent and spell interaction... Prescience: a heal that periodically jumps to an ally not already affected by it, and reduces your major healing cooldowns each time it ticks. Smart use of cooldowns and liberal application of them in the right situations will leave you ready to tackle any event.

    Please put some time into learning it and playing around with it, and then come give us feedback on this Official Thread. As always, please keep it on topic, and constructive!

    ~Chris "Keyens" Meyer
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    Functional Errors:
    Rend Spirit - Gives Invalid Target (both legendary and non legendary)
    Inner Peace - The legendary should probably buff the caster, doesn't seem to apply to either the caster or the target.
    Spiritual Guidance - Applies to the caster rather than the target.
    Materialize Soul - Says "Can be cast while dead." however cannot be cast whilst dead, can potentially be cast whilst resurrecting/soul walking but was hard to test this scenario.

    Textual Errors:
    Leonine Ferocity Level 63 mastery applies to Materialize Soul, but hasn't been updated.

    Primal Avatar: Ouroboros - Says that directly healing an ally will cause you to heal them for 7% of their max hp and lasts 15s. The applied buff (both legendary and non legendary) incorrectly has the same tool-tip as the Impending Fate buff.

    Fortune Protection - Seems to jump from the original target to the original target making it very strong in a small party.

    Empower Soul - Will consume a soul fragment if already empowered, be nice if it failed instead, 'conditions not met'.

    KAlert Set for anyone else testing
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    2 Questions.

    1) Will you make Primalist available to everyone on pts, so we can all test this out? I'd love to test it but im not buying something that I will never use on live

    2) Will you finally add level 70 boosts on PTS?

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    its actually 4 buttons. Let me know when you learn how to rogue

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    First off, I love this soul. It looks so damn cool, feels incredibly well thought out, and it matches its theme perfectly. Amazing job, dude. I can't wait for this to hit live.


    That's about all I could find by myself I think. I can't properly test how this stuff interacts with party/raid members without a party/raid, though.

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    Twisted fate talent - Increase life damage by 2/4/6/8% : not sure why this is in the tree, as Farseer does no life damage, and the only life damage spells are in another heal soul or a tank soul.

    -its possible that rend spirit does life damage, however at the moment it doesnt work, or state life damage in tooltip.

    As a whole, this soul could be an effective, if micro heavy ae healer. Some adjusting still needed though
    - Raqd

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    Spec is way too relient on overhealing, I can see healing a tank being a viable way to overheal, but for PVP this spec will not be that amazing if you cant trigger overheals.

    Procs proccing procs that proc other procs which procs other procs proccing orborous is quite funny too.

    20s Godmode is fun.

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    Still no ground spell effects for Oversoul so that you or your group can know where exactly the spell has been placed. Either add the spell effects or make a raid-wide buff please.
    I would also like to see a seperate 20s buff for it on the Farseer to know how much time is remaining on it. QoL changes here.

    Legendary Rend Spirit is doing life damage even though the tool tip makes no mention of an element. Possible maybe slight buff to Primal Lord as a physical ability, possible slight buff to elemental souls as a life ability.

    I still haven't been able to play Farseer in a group so I can't speak on how it feels in a group setting.

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    Legendary Primal Avatar: Ouroboros
    - Passive buff to Insight does not affect the legendary version. Regular working as intended.
    - Both have a 20s duration, tooltip says 15s.

    Legendary Thread of Fate
    - Can infinitely apply, even after death.
    - Regular working as intended.

    Materialize Soul:
    - Cannot be cast while dead, but claims it can.

    Spiritual Guidance
    - I don't see a use in this at all. Even in a DPS spec, the damage is far too weak especially being life damage, especially as it moves you 40 points toward fury, and you want to stay in cunning. Maybe increase healing taken to allies in the circle, or debuff enemies that walk through snaring them or reducing dmg? Or perhaps each tick grants a soul fragment even while Impending Fate is active.

    Talent Tree:

    Twisted Fate - Life damage is increased by 2% per point. I really don't see a purpose as to why this is here, very weak for first tier points, nothing in primalist that has life damage is even worth boosting. Should be changed to AP/WD or damage overall.

    Overall, changes make this build flow a lot more smoothly. However, 2s Insight cast time reduced by hasty blossoms is a thing, no idea if this is the intended way to play it.
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    Default Combat Rez ability name "Materialize Soul" spelled incorrectly internally

    When I was scanning through the abilities through the API's, I was attempting to gather the ID for their combat rez ability, I couldn't initially locate it.

    I was using:
    /script x=Inspect.Ability.New for k,A in pairs(x.Detail(x.List())) do if A.name == "Materialize Soul" then error(Utility.Serialize.Inline(A)) end end

    It wasn't throwing the error as I expected. So I went with another snippet, to get a full list of the abilities I'd selected in the Farseer soul:
    /script x=Inspect.Ability.New for k,A in pairs(x.Detail(x.List())) print(A.Name) end end

    What I found was that "Materialize Soul", was being spelled, "Materliaze Soul".
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    None of the Farseer heals are tagged as fury or cunning abilities. As a result, they are not boosted by our eternal weapons. I tried with preserver and the eternal weapon is correctly boosting their healing.

    Also, Prescience doesn't tick at all during Inner Peace due to it being reapplied constantly before it can tick. Legendary Inner Peace feels really weak, but perhaps it's balanced around the river of souls talent.

    2sec cast time on insight feels really bad.
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    Predestination could be a nice tool for soloing. Would be better though if it were maybe at 2 or 4 points in the root instead of 6. Or make the tier 1 talents (Divert Harm/Twisted Fate) more attractive for off soul picks.
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