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Thread: Pyro

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    Cooldowns are still not showing on both Fusillade and Flame Volley . Also Galvanic Strike seems to take several clicks of the key before it will fire . Hard to get an accurate parse with all these bugs , also worry about them showing up on live . My soul tree for my Pyro/Harb/Arb build keeps resetting also .
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    Both of those are issues with Legendaries. They've been on the pts for months and haven't been seen in live. That being said, I'd still submit a bug report.
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    I've had that issue with Galvanic Strike and some other Legendaries on live and PTS since they were introduced. If by multiple clicks you mean it takes about 0.5 - 0.75secs to actually register then yeah it's the same as what I get. The lag is kind of naturally built into my rotation now I thought it was just a bad ping thing. It's only Legendaries.
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    And now its on live

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