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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: OFFICIAL TEST TODAY 3/15, 3pm PST: PVP 3 vs 3 (for potential tournament!)

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    Although the new PVP additive seems neat and adds a little flavor and competition, the PVE side needs a whole lot more love. Archage is your PVP game. Make all the classics through Nightmare tide dungeons expert boosted for starfall and you got a crazy amount of happy players. I know many of us miss the old classic and master modes. As for Pvp what happened to Pvp zone events and conquests. They were fun.
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    Well the testing we did was for a potential tournament, not a warfront or pvp 'content' of any sort. You don't have to worry about class balancing around 3v3 for just a tournament. Any pvp class balancing should be done around 10v10 or 15v15

    I thought the testing did go pretty well. The eventual reduced healing did help alot because at the moment there are some very strong healing elements in the game that would make 3v3 very boring, there would be very few actual kills in some of the matches. My team decided to go full dps because it was all about tallying up the deaths. And I think it was alot more fun even though we did die many times ourselves. It's fun getting kills, not so fun beating on a healer for 3 minutes and getting nowhere. If you want the tournament to be fun, definitely implement some reduced healing mechanic. Tanks aren't a big deal unless maybe all 3 players went tank mode.. but then they'd never get a kill would they? On round 2 we saw Exxy had gone into some tanking hybrid so we decided to ignore him completely. Killing justicars are definitely not worth the time and effort..

    I would welcome a tournament like this for sure.

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    the hp pool, as said, was too high, it gave too much time to react and burst didnt really go through even if it was timed, except with the 85%, which was more or less managable
    the healing reduction was a nice feature, it stopped 5m for 1 kill fights
    i'd suggest a max of three lives per player, to stop one target ganking which would kill the experience, and give them a dps/hps buff per death.
    perhaps a 3-5 second respawn period to give the other team some sort of grace period to jump back abit so ppl cant die and kill the other person
    nice idea for rift thx
    i see you macro breakfree

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    We should have a dimension for this. It would be great if we could host a pvp tournament on a consistent basis. I know a few people who want to be involved in making this a reality so hopefully it will be perfected so we can use! This will be really fun for the community.
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    This is only if you are considering making premade vs. premade a standard feature of Rift and not a once in a while thing.

    Winning or getting x amount of KBs shouldn't be rewarding. It should be the primary objective but shouldn't be rewarding in my opinion. One good reason is that people will just trade wins and kills.

    I went over this before back in 2012. What they should do is develop an internal struggle for players that queue together by making it so completing the objectives in warfronts will grant better rewards than actually winning. It will get people to play the map because the individual completion of an objective is more rewarding than the win. This will cause a great internal struggle within the premades that they have never faced before. It won't be so one sided.

    An example of some weeklies.
    Return a flag in Blighted Antechamber,
    Return a stone in whitefalls.
    Cap a flag in codex etc.
    You get my drift.

    This will cause a massive struggle within the premades because the rewards are individually earned. So the premade of say 3 FK healers and SS primalist would have to work much harder for their friends to get the completion of the weeklies done and even encourage them each to experiment with different roles. That is the internal struggle that you created for the premade since externally premades do in fact get easy wins/kills compared to solo queue players.

    You do want to keep premades since its an MMO.. but you want to develop an outlet that is not as exploitable as trading wins and kills. It can still be exploited in a sense but it would be much harder when you mix the premade with other players who also have those weekly objectives.

    I can see it now. "I helped heal you while turning in that stone or let you get the cap. Now it is your turn to heal me or let me cap." You can also add in do x amount of damage or x amount of healing per week but that should be on top of doing objectives for warfronts. Ultimately, you will encourage players to participate rather than AFK even if the other side has a premade.

    3v3v3 sounds nice. I had some ideas about that but exclusively for premade vs premade vs premade and more like 5v5v5v5. A whole new set of maps can be created just for that with separate weeklies. This was another idea I had back in SL but that was when the player base was far more populated than it is today so I think the prior idea at this moment is the better one.

    I always think of how Rift could be better and try to work with what they have at the moment even if I don't agree with the decisions they chose. I even have ideas for SFP. For instance, if you really want premades and pugs to mix you should consider making a precursor process to grouping for warfronts. Like some sort of tech that just picks level 65-69s put them on the team with the most numbers next to their name(team with most premade) and setting up the other side with more level 70s since they have less premades.

    The only reason I bring this up is because I have seen players actually quit if they were matched up vs. a premade. In fact I have seen it happen 4 times just yesterday from when I realized what was happening. A premade of 5 would be match with a team of bads and like 1 carrier to try to carry the bads to victory vs. the premade. What happens is the warfront starts with less players since people don't want to waste their time being farmed out by premades ...especially the ones who hold objectives until the match is basically expired so the premade just gets a free win and the people they face get either forced to afk or get farmed since not only did they get the worse selection of players to carry but actually less players at the start of a map. Like the 7vs5 I had yesterday against a 5 man premade and 2 solo queue and my team had no premade, bolstered 70s who could not break 4k dps, and less players at start because people left early or mid match. The warfront eventually evened out but at that point there was no way to comback from the early disadvantage that was handed to that team.
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    Didn't we had rated/ranked pvp?

    The only problems was there were no rewards for it.
    - No extra gear/cosmetics, achievments, title or whatever carrot

    But let me guess it's not so easy to implement...
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