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Thread: quest: bad energy

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    Default quest: bad energy

    been trying this for a while now and the most particles i got was 8...
    this is just not do-able on a slower PC. or maybe any PC!
    either add an 'up' button or stop it resetting when you are back at the top!

    the daily isnt possible, 20 in one hit? not anywhere near that amount!
    but then on the 6th upgrade of the eternal weapon, you need 25 in one hit? its just not possible!

    please rethink this quest

    its lovely to have some sort of puzzle aspect to the questline, but all this quest will bring you is a lot of angry players.

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    Press 1 and 2 on the way down to float to each "ball". Don't touch red or you loose a charge.

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    Default Agreed

    Tagging 15 energy orbs was a bit of a pain, but honestly if it's going to take 25 to successfully pass the quest line, then I'd be curious to see it there was any in house testing, and how long it took to successfully complete on average.

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    They actually slowed the rate of fall down in the Live version compared to what was on PTS just the night before.

    For me it was painfully slow. I ended up getting 24 or so on my first run down and it took like 4 minutes of falling and pressing 1 and 2. I have pretty bad ping so I don't think that effects it.... but maybe a low end PC has trouble with it? Just really hope people have been pressing theirs ones and twos. It's not really evident you need to do that from the get go.
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    I have tried several times to do this quest, but the most energy i have been able to capture is 11.I push one and two all the way and avoid the red spheres. i think that it should not reset.
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    Default Same

    Tedious, aggravating, and not fun.

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