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    Update 4/24

    Tempest - Double Pulse now works correctly again when Legendary Skyfall is selected.
    Tempest - Lightning Torrent now affects the next 2 pulses.

    Arbiter - Ebb and Flow no longer incorrectly casts Legendary Ebb and Flow in addition to another copy of Ebb and Flow.

    Eternal Weapon - No longer incorrectly affects Justicar's Salvation heals or Shaman's Glory of the Chosen heals.
    Eternal Weapon - Assassin Poisons no longer incorrectly get the damage boost as they are procced effects.

    Ruin Seal - Now cannot heal for more than 10000 per tick.
    Genesis Seal - Now heals for a maximum of 50000.
    Nightmare Seal - Now drops to 5% effectiveness at level 68+.

    Impending Fate has been cleaned up to clarify that it only works on Insight and Fortune Protection.
    Primal Avatar: Ouroboros now heals targets for 7% of their missing HP (down from Max HP). Also reduces Insight cast time by 1s and increases its target cap to 10.
    Inner Peace healing increased by roughly 100%. Now applies Prescience to affected targets.
    Oversoul now also causes targets to take 7% less damage.

    Primal Lord
    Hawk's Fury and Thresher's Maw no longer require 100 Fury or Cunning to cast. They instead work at reduced efficiency when not at 100 Fury or Cunning.
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