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    Exclamation PTS ONLY: ERROR 3198? Switch to 64-bit version!

    If you are seeing "Error 3198" please switch to the 64-Bit client!

    Log out of Glyph and then re-launch it:
    • Click on “Settings” at the top
    • Click on “General” on the left side of the window that opens (it's at the top)
    • In CPU at the right side, select the button for “64 Bit”
    • Click OK
    Glyph will then update to the 64-bit version of RIFT.

    This is a temporary issue... because BETA.
    Everyone loves a grizzled auld Beta tester! Truth!

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    I have a question:
    What if the windows system is just for 32 bits and you can't choose the setting of 64-bit, does that mean you can't finish the downloading and can't keep on testing new stuff?
    Because that's the situation I am in now
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    Ok , thx you for the tip but the reason we switch for 32 bit before was for player non using windows 10, STP was crashing for us , so now we can download 64 bit data thx to this trick but when we switch back to 64 byts system it dosen't soluce the fact that STP still crashing on non WIN10 systems so it crash every 2 minutes still.

    edit : working fine when you delete all 32bit old assets !! ^^
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    Default Not working for me ...

    In 32-bit, the PTS shows UPDATE and when I click it, it loads the character screen and then a warning that I'm not running a correct version of the game and a new update may be on the way.

    In 64-bit, the PTS shows UPDATE. When I click that, it shows the progress bar with no activity. After waiting about 5 minutes, I click again and get the 007b error and then 1038 error.

    In North America, both 32- and 64-bit work fine.

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    Whenever I try to bring up the PTS, I get this error.

    The game still loads all the same, so I close the error box. I have the 64-bit radial selected. I don't get this error when bringing up Live.

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