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Thread: Unable to launch game

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    Default Unable to launch game

    No error message; it just goes from clicking Play to "Initializing" to "Verifying" to absolutely nothing happening.

    I've tried reloading Glyph and restarting my system entirely. No luck.

    Also tried directly launching rift from the PTS folder via the Rift64.exe and no go.

    Running Live just fine; just checked loading into it.

    Running Windows 7 Pro, 8GB RAM, Intel i7-4790, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card.

    UPDATE: Switched to 32-bit mode, it launches fine for PTS.
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    I can't even log into the game on the non-PTS. I log in, it show the red upgate button, I press it and nothing. No update, no way to switch accounts, nothing. It's just frozen. I can't exit the launcher without stopping the program and when I do, it won't allow me to relaunch the program.
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    try deleting glyph data.
    then run update.

    it has been known to work for others.

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