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Thread: First time on the test shard

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    Default First time on the test shard

    I have never played on the test shard before but I can't wait for the 17th to try out Starfall. I am downloading it now, besides copying the toon I want to play is there anything else I need to do?

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    There is nothing more that you "need" to do: You can just run around doing quests or whatever.

    You may want to go to the TB plaza porticulum. Overlooking the plaza are several active objects that will be topical items, or port you to Golem Factory. Explore GF a bit, since there will be test-specific vendor items &c. This is where most people go to pre-test soul updates and whatnot.

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    There are clickable Bear Traps in the main cities and TB that will take you to the Dummy Foundry. Depending what dungeon difficulty you are will spawn different NPCs.

    Standard = npcs that will have "boost me to 50/60 + 400p and some bigger bags.
    Expert = parsing area with dummies and a buff that gives you all raid buffs
    Master = lvl 65 boost/T2/T3 gear npc and a dimension npc.
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