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Thread: Devs: 3.7/Summerfest Dim Item Commentary

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    Default Devs: 3.7/Summerfest Dim Item Commentary

    Hello, hard working devs!

    I returned to PTS after the excitement for the new blocks had a chance to settle on my brain and soul. You guys have done an amazing job bringing us new dimension items. I have a few comments about them after looking at them again. I hope you don't mind.

    Building Blocks
    When it comes to building blocks like poles and planks, would it be possible to consider providing a second version with the texture going the other direction? I see merit to both directions, so I am not suggesting that you abandon what has been created in favor of the other direction. I'm being totally greedy here and suggesting that we have both!

    I've heard people suggest in chat some setting on the block to swap the direction. I have no idea what the labor on something like that would be. So, whatever you find less taxing on you and on the system overall would be my first choice.

    Aside from the spiked flowers and bamboo, the other flowers all sparkle and behave as a kind of light source. It's pretty, but it will reduce some of their usefulness. Nouvae and I tested them in group, like a patch of garden with a dark sky projector and it doesn't seem that bad, even if it is unusual (yet pretty). But, these are the kinds of flowers players will want to make arrangements in vases and urn for indoors. That's when I think a fair number of people will wish the sparkles and the glow were gone.

    Thanks for listening!
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    Please make the new carpet tiles with or without collision (like the water tiles).

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