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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: Official RIFT Multicore Testing Feedback Thread

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    Thumbs up No Difference Yet

    So far, no discernible difference under identical settings with Experimental Multicore on vs off. I tested several variations of settings and loads in Tempest Bay with nothing noteworthy to report.

    On max settings @ 1080p, 32-38 fps in most cases, with spikes and drops to 52 and 27 respectively. 2160p drops to 10 fps no matter what I do. On the up side, it looks like this new feature is doing something when I look at resource monitor.

    Official RIFT Multicore Testing Feedback Thread-rift-experimental-multicore.jpg

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    Thumbs down frame rate drop

    just ran around margle palace but noticed an average 5fps LOSS with multicore on
    my pc: core i5 2500k, 8gb ram, ocz ssd, gtx970
    i play with nearly maximum details
    have to test in raid but seems to have no advantages - OR please explain us what/how to set to see improvements

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    I did some testing on PTS with the new multicore feature:

    According to the flickering I made a little video that also shows some other graphic issues. Sometimes the flickering NPCs are streaming a beam to eternity based on the startpoint pixels.

    Turning multicore off stops the flickering and the little graphic issue.

    With multicore enabled the framerate ist 20-30% higher in the place where the video has been recorded. But framerate seems to be higher everywhere with multicore.

    Also I could not recognize the green lips white faces issue so far even if I tried switching very often between different locations in goboro, draumheim, tarkan and ptw which on live servers usually "activates" the bug almost instantly.

    Used settings:
    distanceScale = 20.000000
    distanceScaleAlt = 3.000000
    maxDistanceScale = 20.000000
    maxDistanceScaleAlt = 20.000000
    pitch = -0.304985
    useAltDistScale = False
    yaw = 0.000000

    CombatLogFileFlushInterval = 0.500000
    DocumentsDirectory = C:/Users/###/Documents/RIFT
    DriverVersionHigh = 524305
    DriverVersionLow = 793067
    EULA = 303
    HasFocusMinFrameTime = 1.000000
    LogCombatConsole = False
    LogConsole = False
    LostFocusMinFrameTime = 100.000000
    MainThreadCPU = 2
    ShowAAWarning = False
    ShowEMCWarning = False
    ThreadAffinityMain = 0
    UseQueryPerformanceCounter = True

    PlayedIntroMovie = True

    AnisotropicFiltering = 16
    AntialiasMode = 2
    AO = True
    AutoAdjustSettings = False
    CloakMode = 2
    DetailObjectsEnabled = True
    ExperimentalMulticore = True
    FullscreenFXEnabled = True
    Gamma = 1.000000
    GroundClutterDensity = 4
    GroundClutterRadius = 64
    LegacyRenderer = False
    LightingComplexity = 1.000000
    MaxShaderLOD = 10
    MaxVFXLOD = 3
    MinShaderLOD = 10
    MipFilter = 2
    MultipassTerrainEnabled = True
    ObjectDetail = 100
    ObjectDrawDistance = 96
    OverrideGamma = False
    PixelGranularity = 1.000000
    ProjectedTexturesEnabled = True
    QualityPreset = 5
    ResolutionX = 1920
    ResolutionY = 1080
    settingsInitialized = True
    ShadowMode = 4
    SimpleTerrainShader = False
    TerrainDetail = 6
    TerrainDrawDistance = 5
    TextureQuality = 3
    VFXLimit = 144
    VSyncEnabled = False
    WindowMode = 1

    LockWindowSize = False
    Maximized = False
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    I have an AMD A-10 6800K APU, HD Radeon 7970 card, with 16gb of ram running Windows 10-64bit. Rift has always lagged for me no matter what when on medium settings or higher. I heard that this game was more CPU intensive than GPU which is why I hoped the multicore option would help. So far there is no difference. It still lags on medium or higher settings. Is there something else I am supposed to do when setting up multi core support? I just basically walked around meridian and it was just as laggy as ever when I rotate the camera. This was with super sampling and smooth edges options on as well off. This response is just a copy paste of my other thread.

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    On PTS nearly everything (own character, NPCs, objects) is flickering for me like a stroboscope.
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    System Specs
    Window 10
    Intel Core i5 4670K - 3.8GHZ (quad core)
    AMD Radeon HD 7890 - 2GB
    16 GB memory
    ASRock Z87 Extreme4

    - 4 Runs each, multi-render and non-multi render
    - Game NOT restarted between runs
    - Same path - starting at Choreburg, at the NPC 'Bob', running down through the training dummies then up the ramp to Margle Palace, doing a lap around the AH and then the portal, then returning.
    - Fullscreen (not windowed)
    - Data recorded using FPS logging in MSI Afterburner
    Graphics settings:
    Official RIFT Multicore Testing Feedback Thread-gfx.jpg

    Official RIFT Multicore Testing Feedback Thread-results.jpg

    - Multi-threaded render has higher deviation, so more variance in FPS
    - Multi-threaded can achieve higher FPS, but also lower FPS than non-multithreaded
    - Overall, non-multithreaded is better

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    I've just tested it on my laptop with AMD A10 5750m cpu. I didn't check numbers etc., but the game was really very smooth, better than before for sure.

    Looks like multicore is just what I need for my poor cpu. 1st time I've seen such great result for such bad cpu. I hope more mmo's will support multicore in the near future.

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    my 2 cents:

    Instances: things got worse, like huge fps drop in last boss of nightmare coast and huge artifacts in glacial maw and unhallowed boneforge.

    Warfronts: everything looks the same here.

    Raids: everything looks the same here too, maybe slightly worse.

    Margle Palace: looks a little better here, still got loading screen running around tho.

    Zone Events: looks the same.

    Conquest: looks the same.

    on a note, i noticed my fans spinning way more than usual..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nehira View Post
    Like for pretty much everyone in this thread and who i asked ingame, no FPS gain at all. (tested in cities, cq, ia raids, open world)
    Have you added a checkbox to enable MC but forgot to implement the actual changes? This would not surprise me at all, sadly.
    Today i've tested multicore in MoM (Pillars, Lady Justice, Arisen Arak) and the result was the same as in my previous tests - no FPS improvements at all. I had the impression, that after a few wipes the performance got even worse than it was in the past.
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    My fps seem the same. The game overall seems smoother. One main difference is changing shards, it's a lot faster. Also I don't know if this is related but in wf a few times while running it went into slow motion for a second. This might even be a improvement instead of staggering. Overall seems better but not by much.

    Today crashed to blue screen. Was in TB not moving just had bags open. Error message "System_thread_Exception_Not_handled"
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    Default Hmmmm....

    I may have gained a few fps over all. I only played in a couple wfs and ran around tempest and margle a bit.. I still have load issues in Margle.. over all it isn't worth investing time into this game anymore from my stand point.. all the same graphic glitches exist and to a larger extent in my view since this beta started. block plants and trees, white face, green lips, blob capes that fill my whole screen... helmets and weapon glows still happening in stealth, disappearing water, disappearing body parts, etc etc etc.. still the same pile.. i will wait till the game dies or real fixes happen.. oh lets not forget the endless flickering shadows..

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    Default Thanks Trion

    I've been playing Rift since BETA. I do not play any other MMOs. I've seen the complainers come-and-go. I see the whining and '*****es' scroll through the in-game dialog screen, when I care enough to look at them.

    I'm a patron and I buy into all of the add-ons, because I want to support the game.

    I'm not a big fan of a lot of the game however. When I try to dabble in the PvP nonsense, I find it tedious and full of the same self-important goofs that I see when I try to randomly join a group to go into a dungeon, etc. For the vast majority of the time, it's not fun.

    Am I going to change their behavior? No. So instead I try to avoid those circumstances, but without participating in them, you don't get the necessary ingredients to enhance features, or the experience points, or the...blah-blah-blah. So I eat the **** sandwich and do it when forced.

    I do NOT live on Rift. I don't "professionally" game. I'm not a power-leveler or troll or an *** who gets pissy when someone doesn't move to the right spot or doesn't generate enough DPS.

    Concerning Rift, I'm more like that business guy who rides his Harley on the weekends, thinking he's a biker.

    I personally would be more engaged with Rift if it had more 'story' and cultural building 'quests' which were unique to the game than simply modifying western cultural phenomena. I would rather see Rift grow it's own organic 'culture'. The only way a character is 'judged' in rift is how much they contribute to battle.

    But I'm not a demographic.

    So I don't think Rift is perfect.

    With that said however, I DO very much appreciate that Triton (for whatever reasons or motivations) does appear to be constantly supporting and trying to make the game more engaging, as well as 'better'.

    So for that... I thank you. Please never stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Czar View Post
    I personally would be more engaged with Rift if

    There, off-topic rant concluded ;)
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    anyone tested it with an AMD processor ? I mean - i have read somewhere that AMD is really bad iwth running rift , dunno if thats true in comparison to like i5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quexter View Post
    anyone tested it with an AMD processor ? I mean - i have read somewhere that AMD is really bad iwth running rift , dunno if thats true in comparison to like i5
    Yes, people have been using it with an AMD processor, and they've also seen improvements.

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