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    Default Teth Cre'Adaimh rift stages bugs

    I opened a few earth rift in the planetouched wilds and witnessed the following bugs:

    - "kill 24 ant soldiers" = I killed 23 and the 24th was nowhere to be seen, couldn't be /tar, probably spawned under the ground or inside a rock, the radius of the spawns might have to be reduced a bit to prevent edge cases like this

    - "prevent karma collectors from reaching Teth Cre'Adaimh" = I killed a few gnars (4/5?), 9/10 reached it and then no more spawned, the timer on that 4th stage ended and the rift was still stuck at 9/10 and did not close, either the eggs that spawn the gnars are bugged or that stage is missing an automatic trigger

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    Were there houses or ruins or other objects in the area of the Rift? We made a last minute sweep and moved all the rifts away from the structures so rift mobs didn't spawn inside and decide to live in the house instead of fighting you. If you see this again please send us a location.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    I've noticed this also happening in TG 1/2 the time. WIll get stuck at 9/10 and not move on to the next stage


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