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    Default Hellnest Rifts

    Just stumbled upon one in SOI on the PTS and it looks like the Hellbug Broodlings spawn endlessly (up to max 3 per Broodling Nest) throughout the fight, even after you've destroyed the associated Broodling Nest and it has completely despawned.

    This seems like bot heaven. Just stand in one location during Phase 1 and continuously kill these. I'm maxed XP and Notoriety but I'm guessing these guys could potentially give Lycini Notoriety and some XP since they are Rift Creatures.

    I'm uncertain whether this is unintended or by design because the Rift gets harder and harder through the stages as we get the Broodlings + Warriors spawning continuously as they are introduced with the Blast Pods on top.

    Blast Pods: The Turrets' base is above-ground; is this intended?


    As for the overall fight - I'm in a mix of T1/T2 gear and it was a very nice challenge in my solo Inquisitor (with justicar and defiler). Had a few close shaves and used a Stellar Healing tonic. That said solo Inq spec doesn't do so well with that many mobs, especially whilst continuously backpedaling to avoid AoE.

    This rift will be a challenge to solo for anyone who isn't in a good survival AoE spec.

    I was only stunned once so I'm guessing one of the red AoEs stuns you - that's easily avoidable.

    For the event, the current difficulty of the Hellnest Rifts seems to be fine (since during the event there will probably be a lot of players around) but if the Hellnest Rifts are going to continue to spawn outside of the event it may need some slight tuning downwards or increase the respawn time on the mobs.

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    You had a chance of opening these Hellnest rifts on the Live servers a few days back with Invasive Species lures. I even saw a few elite Hellbug Blast Pod footholds around Droughtlands during that same time. The Blast Pods died so slowly; even with 10+ people attacking them during the bonus stage; I had to unmentor just so we could see the final stage.
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    Ah, forgot to disable them on PTS when I disabled them on Live. Yeah, the version up there is totally busted. It was still work in progress.

    The infinite spawns have already been dealt with. The floating blast pods are still being investigated by the art team.

    This content should be going Live next week.

    *edit* to add - pretty sure the nest spawns that continue as long as the nest are alive give no XP either to prevent xp farming them, but I will double check here in a bit.
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