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Thread: Queen's Gambit Feedback

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    Default Queen's Gambit Feedback

    First off, the "This is a mechanic. Use it." cutscenes, while not subtle, were well done.

    The mobs have some sense of order to them. The healers actually heal. They hit for a non-pathetic amount of damage, too, so you actually might want to have a plan in mind before you pull the room. That being said, I love the Volatile Chemicals; using them right makes pulling rooms quite entertaining, if a bit dangerous.

    The map screen could use a bit of love. I'm sure that's just a Dendrome thing, though, as the overworld was having just as many issues.

    Yay, mounts! I hate walking around big chronicles!

    First boss: solid mechanics. The thing that caused me to write this thread was his achievement. The way the vents work, the boss has to be practically standing on top of the vents for them to hit him. That would be great if they all went off every time, but only one or two go off every ten seconds. To be able to use them 6 times in a fight (because each vent takes off 19.999% of his HP) you're talking sitting around for five to ten minutes waiting for the right vent to go off. Not to mention, if you autoattack him once, I presume the achievment won't trigger, which is pretty silly considering he's a melee mob.

    I vote all the vents go off when they go off, or that they glow for a couple seconds before erupting, or something. As it stands, the fight is a lot faster and easier if you just ignore them completely, since they're largely useless. Also, I think the achievment should read "Hit Abido with Flame Vents 5 times" or something, to give people a small buffer to accidentally damage him.

    Lastly, was that his loot chest is in the previous room? No one's gonna notice it there!

    Second boss: I wiped on Och and Krok, and when I got back, they were stuck in untargettable cutscene mode. Had to soft reset to be able to engage them again. Also, that's when I noticed that loading times have been being really long and crashy on the PTS. Probably just me, though.

    I liked the twist of soloing a Twins mechanic. I completely ignored it on my first time in and, yeah, they start hitting pretty hard. I feel like Och should do his Focused Shard thing a bit more often. He did it once at the begining of the fight, and once at the very end. If there was another DPS there, or if I tried a little harder, I'd probably not even have seen the second one. And the shield cancels when you interrupt the other brother's mechanic. Don't know if that's intentional, as I was never in a position to find out what either actually did.

    Third boss: The "Stand here to begin cutscene" is a bit hard to find on a transparent floor. In fact, all ground AoEs have a tendency to ignore the top layer of things like glass and ice, and sink right to the solid ground below.

    She was a bit jumpy, but that's the only thing going for her. I never really felt threatened at any time, unlike the other two bosses. With the first one, I had to think about moving out of the cone, and I don't know what the second one did, but there was a huge scary windup for it that I just had to interrupt. This one, though? Nothing. Just stood back and shot it. Once, she teleported behind a pillar, and then the screen read "Use the Pillar to hide from the boss." Well... okay. And when she was done doing whatever it was she was doing, she teleported back to me. If that was her big flashy thing, it was underwhelming. Maybe if losing real estate to those fire crystals was actually an issue, the fight would've had more drama. And the purple crystals... I guess they weren't scary enough. I just kinda ignored it, since it was so big, thinking that something that color and size isn't really critical to avoid. My HP did hiccup a bit when it exploded, I guess, but it could use a once-over to look scarier. I guess what I'm saying is that for an ancient reborn evil, she was the least scary thing in there.

    I didn't find the Lung Feeder, so no commentary about that. That just leaves the rewards. I got two of the same green chestpieces, and one 50kPA item, and about 500 rep. I know it's all RNG, and maybe I missed some loot opportunities, but that seemed... lacking. Maybe the first item chest could be greens with a chance of blue, and the last item chest could be blues with a chance of purple? I'd like to have better drops to vend at the end of a run.

    Otherwise, it's a great little thing, if a bit meandering. People with a poor sense of direction like myself could spend months trapped down there! And people that don't understand mechanics won't be getting easy gear; that's for sure.

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    A few addendums:

    The first boss was significantly easier just ignoring the vents and attacking it. Instead of spending five minutes waiting around for a vent, I killed it in less than one by ignoring mechanics and just punching it in the face.

    The big wind-up from the second boss is super underwhelming. Any interruptable, LoSable spell with a ten second cast time should hit for more than three thousand damage. Like, really? I want to lose 90% of my health if I fail a mechanic that easy. Also in that vein, the cone attack is very well broadcast, but it, too, hits for a negligible amount of damage. The hardest hitting thing in the chronicle is the trash, by far.

    Using the cutscene-skipping orb on the final boss didn't start the final boss fight. She turned into the giant crabataur, but got caught in an animation loop and never became targetable. So, that's another soft-reset.

    I expected there to be, well, something behind the big portal after the boss. Those last few rooms unlock, but I saw nothing there but more mobs. It feels like I'm missing something; should Lung Feeder be back there? Still haven't found that boss. Or any Queen's Brilliance, or anything "Rare", for that matter.

    And I found a twisted artifact in there, but the reward for the set was a generic cache of goods. I was under the impression that new artifact rewards were being given a "Don't suck" once-over. Maybe the chronicle was just missed.

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