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    Default 1.11 patch quest feedback

    I started writing feedback on the game feedback forms, but realized that there would be quite a few being sent, and it would be easier for all if I just posted them here, so they were all in one place. Ill go through each quest and environment as they come up in this patch.

    Quest: A strange ship on the horizon.

    This mailed item didn't work last week, but it has been fixed now, thanks It handed in fine.

    Environment - Wreck of the Endeavor
    Swimming up to the Endeavor, there was a ship between it and the shore of Freemarch. I wasn't sure whether it was meant to be like this, but the deck was half-filled with water. The ship itself was pretty much just sitting there, and had no stuff on deck that made it look realistic. More could be added if this is a permanent fixture around the Wreck.

    Likewise there were two of the storm legion towers just hovering there, not doing anything. There was no sign of any battle, except for some bits of wood and crates in the water. I think the action starts once you take the quest 'close-in support' perhaps, but the quest states that they are under attack and have been for a while. It would be more realistic if there was some more signs of that fighting, and indeed, some mobs to fight in order to get onto the ship. There is no real sense of a battle going on around the Endeavor. More could be done in this respect.

    Quest: Salvaging Supplies

    This quest was easy enough. Many of the crates have landed in fatigue zones, but that isn't really anything to bother about. What does bother me is that there is nothing going on around me, even now that the battle has been officially recognized via quests that show a battle. There are no mobs in the water, there are no explosions around etc. Having more of that sort of thing in the water, even if it is just environmental, would give a far better feeling of immersion. Having floating debris actually floating down in the water, as if sinking would also be a nice touch.

    Quest: Close-In Support
    Overall, this quest seems a bit rushed in its making.

    Storm Legion Towers - You are to destroy two of these, and yet the respawn rate is so fast that they are actually standing on top of each other. I would say that the respawn time is pretty much instantanious. It would be better if the towers either respawned slower (because even if the initial influx of players playing it will kill them quickly, this will not always be the case), or they respawned in more places so that they were not overlapping. I would also say that the fact we are meant to destroy two of these, and they respawn so fast also means that it feels like a bit of a wasted effort to save the Endeavor, since no impact has been made on the influx of enemies.

    Storm Legion Boats - Like the towers, these respawn fast. And they respawn in their entirety. It seems ridiculous for boats just to appear out of nowhere. Having them sail in to their spots would be far more realistic and be better for the quest aesthetic.

    Storm Legion People - I found killing these the most difficult out of the three parts to this quest since you couldn't actually see out of the gun portals properly. Still, I liked that it was a bit more realistic, though many people might be frustrated with it. Also, like the other quests, the mobs just appear. Would be better if they disembarked from somewhere or came through portals.

    Storm Legion Environment - Overall, having huge ships, towers and people just appear out of nowhere seems lazy and unrealistic. There isn't really enough visuals of their destruction to make it seem good, and then just to have them appear within seconds again makes the quest seem a bit pointless and like trion havn't taken time over it. Having ships, and towers actually appear to come into shot from afar would be better, as would better destruction of them. If this isn't easily scriptable in the time, then surely having them appear through a portal or something would be. Also, having the same type of ship come to exactly the same spot just reminds the player that they are playing a computer game, rather than being immersed in a story. If the ships were swapped around in terms of their style, this would be better. Still, the quest itself is fun and I like the fire on the middle deck, it just needs tweaking in terms of making it more realistic and immersive, and less pointless from the ascended's point of view.

    I would also point out that after completing the quest, the surrounding environment goes back to how it was before I started the quest. There are no dead storm legion mobs on the land to prove we did anything, and no broken boats or towers in the sea either. A battle of this magnitude should have some impact on the land unless there is a reason why it wouldn't.

    Considering this is also a Daily quest, I think that putting more time into it would be useful.
    Repeatable reward: 5g 4s ... not really worth it. I can't see many players above level 12 doing this quest if this is the reward. There isn't any experience, and there isn't any coinage for a world event.

    Wasn't sure if the quest is meant to be infinitely repeatable or not, but it is.

    Quest: In her royal majesty's service

    The quest worked fine, got the reward, no issues.

    Quest: Emissary to the Icewatch
    The quest itself offers up a question to me of why the ascended would portal in some unknown woman who only says she is a queen. Just because she is wearing an outlandish costume does not make her a queen, and the whole thing could be a setup. I am not sure there is enough reason given why the ascended would port someone of power into the midst of Icewatch. She gave no real explanation as to why they were coming here or suchlike. Seems dubious a character would just go ahead and port her without having more information. After all, porting someone into the middle of a highly defended place compromises security. I mean, sure, she was seen attacking the storm legion, but a clever leader would set up a situation like that to appear trustworthy.

    I thought the portal was a nice touch, though the whole storm theme only made me more suspicious of the above suspicions. Perhaps that is the point.

    Anyway, Miela did come through, and alone, and walked to the person she needed to speak to (did look like she had something uncomfortable stuck up her considering the way she walked lol). However at this point, I got dc and when I got back on, the quest had completed. I am not sure whether the quest itself, or my connection that dc me. Either way, I have no idea what was said, but she looks a tad cold standing out in the snow with so little on.

    Quest: Three if by air!
    This quest sort of confused me. The title of the quest seems to make no sense, and as far as I can tell, and I have no idea of how she came to this information. Again, no reasons are given, and one would think that an ascended who has got this far would make sure to have more information. I don't know whether my confusion is because I never heard the rp of the last quest, or whether it is just not mentioned at all. If she had come across some manner of document, or prisoner that spilled the beans would be more realistic, but to have no evidence at all, or even mentioned how the information was obtained, seems bad.

    Daily Quest: Train the recruits
    I liked this quest. The rp aspect of it with the trainer was good. It also was pretty realistic in terms of the fact that an ascended, who is so versed in battle, would be called upon to help train others.

    A couple of minor things about it though. The first is positioning. If you are not directly in front of the recruits, the icons don't appear, so it would be good to have some manner of circle on the ground for people to go to. Not realistic, but I think some people may be confused if they stand too far off to the side. The second thing is that the quest will not activate with the recruits if someone else is doing it. This means that a player could be waiting a long time if there are many people trying to do the quest. If this quest was made a public event, like a foothold, this would solve the issue of people standing around waiting.

    Daily Quest: Fortify the defences
    The mechanics of this worked fine. Would have been a nice addition if there was some attack to the new defences once they were put up. As it is, there seems to be no fighting anywhere. Is there even a war going on?

    Quest: Save Meridian
    This quest is confusing. There was no mention of what a 'city siege adventure' is. Sure, there are storm legion in meridian, but they respawn so fast that you can't kill them all. It was only through checking the instant adventure list that I saw one for Meridian. This could certainly be made clearer to players.

    Double the Guard - easy and straight forward
    Lightning in a bottle - Pretty easy, not sure why clicking a rod would capture them though.
    Loosen a few bolts - good fun
    Disarming the situation - I liked this one, nice variation
    Matron Simoon - Seemed fine with two players. The guards took most of the damage from the boss
    Death from Above - This one was difficult to complete because the guards kept doing most of the damage. There was another quest like this to kill storm elementals that had the same problem. You need the guards to take agro to protect low level players, but at the same time, if they take all the kills, you can't get the quest done that easily. It is good feature that the mobs can't hurt players not in the instant adventure.
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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the feedback! I can comment on a few of these quests:

    Daily Quest: Train the recruits
    • I have increased the distance you need to be from the trainer from 5m to 10m. That should give you some more freedom in your positioning.
    • To address the potential of a queue, there are eight locations where players can participate. Additionally, anyone standing near the trainer when the quest first begins will get credit.

    City Siege Instant Adventure
    • City guards will never steal a kill during these adventures as they don't 'tap/tag' the mobs. Also, the damage the guards can deal to the mobs has been limited.

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    Groovy, glad to help. Will offer up more quest feedback at the beta this weekend
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