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Thread: Other PvP Suggestions

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    Default Other PvP Suggestions

    Didn't get to test, as I work 2nd shift during the week, but...

    Adding 10 more ranks, is not appealing to new players (or even players with alts).

    -To me this is an awful idea and makes it nothing more of a grind fest. I'd rather see titles that provide, buffs or something similar. which can only be earned by actually killing other players in WFs or Open World.

    - PA points
    Personally I believe that PA War should only be earned through actually PvP, not running instances. Between the gear and attunement points the PvE gets, it puts PvPers at a disadvantage (making the grind fest worse) across the board. Don't know why War was not on it's own experience anyway...start for the 2nd tier and beyond.

    -Consider a world event that happens on a timer, say every 4 hours, that provides faction buffs and access to a PvP instance dungeon. This would have PvP related recipes, gear, mats, etc. An instance adventure type of thing. Oh, and you have to a certain level of vengence/valor to enter it (sound familiar?).

    - Up the drops off of players in PvP, particularity in Open World. The more ppl in each group, the better the drops are...

    - PvP rifts, how about PvP essences that can only be obtained through PvP rifts. Level 50 Greater and Lessers.

    -Crafting, some PvP recipes/mats for trinkets, runes, armor, weapons, etc, that only drops in the World Event instance.
    Just a few thoughts from a PvPer that does not really PvE...

    -Not PvP (or maybe so..) SHIPS....Ultima Online was able to do housing and ships, surely Rift can do at least one of them. lol....

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    I'd have to totally agree on the separate experience for War Attunement. I like a number of the ideas, but others could be tweaked a bit. The essence drops from pvp rifts would require there to be more... you know... epic competition for them. I think pvp rifts would be much more interested if when one was popped that it started spawning opposing faction "kill squads" of npcs from the faction's stronghold areas in the map. And these mobs would then go toward the extractor location, and/or attack opposing faction players on site. Something along the same strength (or more) than ember island invasion mobs.. but who obeyed the valor and vengence systems. That, or perhaps a higher tier raid lure for pvp that has a different sort of objective than running stones.. and WOULD require a full 20 man raid.
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