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Thread: Caduceus Rise Master Mode *Information/Guide/Bugs*

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    Default Caduceus Rise Master Mode *Information/Guide/Bugs*

    Greetings all!

    This is an Information Thread based on Caduceus Rise. Please make sure that you read the thread thoroughly to make sure you are not repeating any information. Report trolls or useless post please.


    Caduceus Rise requires 5 people.

    - Tank *Note: I was fully geared in T1 Raid with 3 pieces of HK armor from vender. Still was getting hit pretty hard.*
    - Cleric healer
    - Off healer with dps spec
    - Dps
    - Dps

    When I first approached this, I tried pulling all the Trash together at once with no CC. It can be done if you are semi HK geared. The healer has to be aware that there are alot of caster mobs in the trash and Line of Sight pulls is required.

    There is a couple of notes to Trash here on what my group encountered.

    Note #1: There is a huge rock like creature that charges the group. It seems to only charge those that were not the Tank.

    Note #2: There are Range dps that can drop threat at any time. So basically they act like the Range NPC mobs in GP or RoS trash that randomly RNG anyone.

    Note #3: All the Melee mobs have cleave. the only new thing here is that, I assuming its bugged. The Cleaves did a 360 degree attack.

    Note #4: The Mage type mobs are a huge pain! They cast a HUGE AoE fire on anyone, including the Tank and stays on the ground for 15-18 seconds. The damage is quite nasty and I was using a 100 resist fire sigil and I still had to move out of it. So Melee needs to watch out when the tank moves because of the cleave.

    This is also a pain because it is quite possible for two of them to be placed down.

    Note #5: There is a bandit with energy that heals. This mobs has no mana bar or name to indicated that he was healer and if he gets up a single AoE heal, it restores the trashes HP by 50% heals. This can be interrupted!

    Note #6: There is a Trash mob called Baron. This guy is a real piece of work. First make sure you have a Battle Rez ready. Have everyone stand a max range to avoid the debuff.

    He is bugged but to by pass it, have a dps run to him and die. He will reset and then you can kill him like normal.

    Why you are doing is because for some reason when you go near him he will auto give you 19 stacks AoE debuff that reduces all HP by 99%. It will one shot the Tank with a single auto attack.

    So when the dps dies and resets him, the debuff resets and he then acts like normal.

    Baron Strat: After he resets make sure when you pull that when he resets no one had the bugged debuff.

    The Tank must realize that he will lose his health along with everyone else every stack they received every 7 seconds. So basically its a dps race.

    During this time at any time, all players including the Tank must stay above 90% health. The Reason why is because at random times he will cast an AoE attack, instant cant be interrupted, at 3 random people, including the tank.

    It takes off around 85% of the total health and yes it can Crit and one shot squishy.

    He will also throw a DoT that can be cleansed. Its magic.

    Special Note: I did have trouble holding threat and this was with [Crustacean Talisman] trinket. Please keep this in mind when pulling, buffing, or Pre-Heals.

    Crowd Control is highly advised!

    Boss Encounter #1 High Thane Hergen: The boss encounter is exactly the same with a few changes.

    #1: Failure to interrupt the [Wild Cudgel] will put your group at 15% health, if it did not kill them.

    #2: The AoE Ground Fire will spawn alot faster and does twice as much damage. Even the Tank will take major damage. Note: this was me with +100 fire resist sigil.

    So basically you will be kiting the entire time.

    #3 Adds will spawn. Apparently after the boss gets too 75% health adds will spawn. And an addition add every 25% health lost.

    Note: As a Tank DO NOT panic, when they first spawn they are immune and will random charge a player, after words you can taunt it too you.

    Note #2: As a Tank when you Taunt add #2, you will have to pop a single CD or two.

    Note #3: I just had the Dps burn the boss as usual and had all the adds on me. I did have to pop 4 CDs and then asked the healer to pop Healer's Cov but other than that, it wasn't too bad.

    Just make sure to avoid the fire and Interrupt.

    Boss Encounter #2 Faultwalker Alrag:

    This boss is bugged but easy to by pass. Have your dps run in and reset the boss. After your third party member dies. He is fixed and its back to normal. Res your people and pull.

    Note: The reason why is because the bubbles were not showing, and so the debuff was out of control.

    The encounter itself is the same mechanic but a few twist.

    He cast his AoE damage "Debuff remover" as I call it, alot faster. I believe every 15 seconds. At the same time the debuffs stack faster too as well. You get 2 debuffs per second instead of 1.

    If you stand on a colored circle two long, you receive a 4th debuff that not only stacks, but also has the following: Snare, DoT, and NPC Damage decrease and Player Damaged received increase.

    I do not know if this can be cleansed or not.

    He will also throw random blue pillar circles on the ground, THEY HURT, dont stand in it!

    Other than that, he is pretty much easy. Manage to get him down to 10% health before we all died.

    This is as far as my PuG group went before everyone left in frustration.

    Good Luck and Have fun!
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    It's nice to see someone give extensive feedback to help make our game better.

    Hats off to you!

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    Hehe hiya toxen, yes our group managed to kill him but there is no way 1 healer can heal through that, we eventually had a cleric with dol, toxen was spam bard, and a 4pc hk cloro and we still had 1 death but got there in the end,

    Would like to see a full Orange group do this please and see how they cope with the healing

    Thanks for the journey RIFT - It's been fun

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    If anyone is interested in furthering mmcr tonight I am on the test server now, please have at least 4pc t3 and synergy.

    Same character name as forum name.
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    Default MM CR Update

    Boss Encounter #3 Hookmaster Palos:

    No changes, same fight.

    Note: The group believes this boss has not been updated yet.

    Boss Encounter #6 Zugthak:

    Same Fight but a slight change.

    Two Water spirits spawn. Each water spirit gets up to 5 adds.

    You need to have your Tank put the boss in the middle and kite as usual, do not let him stomp you, TANK! Its damage is nasty and so is the extra debuff that increase damage.

    You need to have 2 dps protect one water spirit and one dps at the other. Try to protect the water spirit as long as you can.

    When a Water Spirit dies, the entire Group gets a AoE Water damage for 5 ticks. 2,500 - 3,000 dmg per second. If both water spirits die, its a wipe.

    Boss Encounter #11 Caduceus:

    Very same fight.

    Extra add, its a huge Golem, it must die to remove the protective buff on the boss to deal more damage.

    The 3 debuffs that need to be cleansed, has to be ASAP, no delays or wipes.
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    Default 9 of 11 CR MM

    Couple bugs to report mainly that cinderstorm was bugged on us so therefore we could not kill caduceus. Any ideas since the puzzle guy bugged out. other than that keep a watchful eye out for the invasion spawns... They run hella fast but easy.. GL to you all. Never give up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sufferance View Post
    Couple bugs to report mainly that cinderstorm was bugged on us so therefore we could not kill caduceus. Any ideas since the puzzle guy bugged out. other than that keep a watchful eye out for the invasion spawns... They run hella fast but easy.. GL to you all. Never give up.
    If the little NPC doesn't activate the thingies for you on cinderstorm, try out the puzzle for yourself. It's quite fun, and if you get it right, after cinderlol dies, a little treasure chest appears on the back side of the room. http://www.gaiscioch.com/lore/cinderstorm_puzzle.html on how to solve the puzzle yourself.

    If that doesn't work, you'll have to soft reset the zone unfortunately.

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