this is a very rough draft of an idea, but most players aren't going to like any one arbitrary stat change to gear, especially the type of gear that is useable by more than one calling, yet made up for a specific calling in mind.
to this end, perhaps it could be made so that all items, or at least all non-armor items, come with a base amount of offensive and defensive stats (dex and str/wis and int as offensive, parry/endurance as base defensive) and a certain variable amount of defensive and offensive stat points that could be spent on str/dex/ap/pcrit, wis/int/sp/scrit for the offensive points, and end/parry and either block or dodge for the defensive points.
these points may be locked once you use them, or perhaps allow for a point reset on them for a cost.

such a system would make weapons and accessories more versatile for all players, albeit it would require introducing a specific type of weapon only rogues can use (let's say a certain fist weapon) so they're not at a disadvantage in relation to warriors getting the option to roll on 2-handed weapons, and one handed weapons, whereas they have to compete on the one handers.

such system would also allow to push the stat weights changes that were originally tested without agitating a lot of the players, and if indeed implemented for armor would ensure the desireability of armor meant for your own class.