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Thread: PVP Souls

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    Default PVP Souls

    Could we get all PVP souls looked at? Alot of them are barely used, for most, its the 3rd soul with no points in it just to get the break free.

    From what it seems, most of them have 2 main branch being offense and defense that you have to follow. I think the branching system should be abolished first of all so a mix and match could be done to be more desirable.

    Alot of talents and abilities are underpowered and just not appealing. Here is some exemples :

    Infiltrator :
    - Sleight of hand, doesnt do any dmg, has 3sec CD and only strip 1 buff. adding some good dmg compenent or making it off the GCD would be better
    - Theft of thought, Only usable in melee range, should be a ranged ability since PVP souls are designed to go with a main souls and there is range souls.

    also some of the stuff like armor penetration should be changed to something that can help magic dealing dmg souls (NB)

    Vindicator :
    - Forced recon, With new DR system on snares, a 30% snare isnt good enough and to go deeper is necessary.

    Templar :
    - Arcane Avoidance, +5 to all resist is barely doing anything at ALL... 5 focus is already negating that amount easily and is simply not worth 5 pts for 5 resistance to all


    PVP Souls should be much more attractive for pvp other than the default break free, Spending points to go deeper should be more attractive.

    Adding some sort of secondary mechanic to pvp souls would be nice. For X amount of points spent you get +Y% to "this" or "that". Where this or that would be something along the lines of incresing the lenght of break free immunity buff to reducing snare effectiveness on you, to increasing health or main dps/heal stat.

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    Diminishing returns on CC should be a talent in the pvp soul. They should also put some valor penetration and resistance to vengeance in there. Any player who wants to do more damage in pvp, take less damage in pvp, and have reduced duration (and then immunity) to subsequent CC effects would have to spec into the pvp tree. This would reduce the total number of points in play for other souls, and that would help them isolate and fix balance issues much more quickly.

    So yeah.

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    IMO they should just remove them entirely or start from scratch. Add another pve soul for each class and let us decide which souls to pvp with. I don't want to use the PVP soul in all of my pvp roles just because its better than everything else, how is that customization?

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    I would say scrap them and make the perks gained from it inherent in gaining rank. Perhaps not all of them, and perhaps you have to chose a set, be they offensive or defensive. The current system is difficult to justify going a full 21 points into.

    Making it so these things were earned along with ranks would give more incentive to rank up. Of course it would also increase the qq about rank 1s who apparently stay rank 1 for ever.

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    Honestly... with the rogue changes in 1.5... I have yet to make a rogue build for that patch that even includes 0 point infiltrator... Beyond breakfree there is like nothing worthwhile in there by comparison anymore. And that's the arguably most useful PvP tree besides Archmage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Majorin View Post
    Think of a 30 meter circle around all ranged dps rogues and mages. Ranged dps can stand in the back line and focus fire targets without worrying about mobility and most forms of cc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zinbik View Post
    Sounds like an excellent plan for your healers to follow as well, as they have an even longer range on their heals.

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    Seriously I would love for the PvP souls to be completely reworked as 51 point souls.
    Then again I think there should be crafting souls too.
    Forget I said anything.

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