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    Quote Originally Posted by Elric-merren View Post
    Wow would you like a new cap since your ego seems to have busted your old hat. Just because someone asks to have things adjusted or changed slightly or improved does not imply that they are a bad player. Alot of them actually would like to improve the feel or playstyle of tier characetr that they like so much to have spent time to come up with a change or improvement idea. So how about you keep your opinions of what kind of player or skills others have to yourself, mostly since they only matter to you if the other people are smart to just relise anyone they do not know well is not worth making thier opinion matter at all.

    I always liked the idea of a threat syphon that would transfer threat from the target of the justicar's rightous mandate back to him whne he is in the tanking mein, and then transfers threat to the person with rightous mandate on them while in the healing mien. THis could be activated by conviction at 15-20% per point of conviction used. This could also have a passive version that is always active but at a weaker level as stated above.

    Now for censure which honestly has afew nice things it could be used for instead of a damage buff that is consumed easily in most situations. One idea is that it grants us a threat buff for a short while after being used (though this is worthless now wiht the increase but if they wanted to reduce the threat bonus on our mien back but give us a way to generate more this would work.). THen is the idea of a melee range single target interrupt, though the cd on this strike would need to be increased to fit in better with the other interrupts (censure means a rebuke or show of disapproval).

    I always like the idea of a magic absorbing shield effect which is linked to our conviction system, as well as only protects against magic damage. THis ability could be only usable at 4 convictions so that it is not always available, but also could also deactivate our ability to generate conviction for a short period of time to act as a version of a cd kinda. My only issue with this idea is that it could make us more desired as a magic damage tank compared to rogues which is not right, and so it would need to be watched and tweeked alot.
    I agree with the other person who already quoted this. Very fun ideas.

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    I was even thinking you could make the threat syphon work in reverse when you are in the mein of truth, as a way for people who go for more of a support role with the justicar, as well as when you are off tanking you switch to mot and then dump threat onto the tank for them to get good agroo.

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    Justicar soul crystal after today's patch :

    (2) increases the healing of salvation by 50%

    (4) Causes the cleric's doctrine of authority to shield them for 10 seconds absorbing an amount equal to the clerics spellpower.

    Not bad. At least they will be worth using now. The DOA buff will be a nice bonus for DOA and a bit of free magic dmg shielding.

    Salvation healing bump seems very underwhelming for tanks, and possibly kick *** for senticars.

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