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Thread: Hit/Focus and Toughness cap for Hammerknell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonicalConvicted View Post
    is it just me or isnt 100 points pretty high jump from 200 for Greenscale/RoS... ive got nearly full raid Gear with a relic staff and i will still need to use + focus runes on my Staff and wand to reach 300
    If you are full t3 geared you should be able to hit 300 hit easily.
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    I can get to 301 focus with only 1 rune. Yes, I'm full t3.
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    I can only speak about the warrior case, but in full t2 without any raiding gear you can achieve 298 hit. You'll need to use the 4 hit runes (legs, helm, 2hander, ranged), and use +29hit rings, along with bane of champ over suncrusher. This seems fine, people can gear up to it from raids, or they can pay their way to it from t2s, but the barrier is hardly insurmountable. This is without hit talents btw.

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