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    Default Patch Notes - January 29, 2021

    Battlepass Season 6 Hotfix 1 Patch Notes:

    Bug Fixes:
    • Battle pass Daily Standard Storm Break Protocol and Standard Empyrean Core now require to kill the end boss of the dungeon to be credited as expected.
    • Fixed the Weekly Battle pass Quests for Mathosian puzzles not being credited if the player had the achievement previously. The quests will now be credited when interacting with the final chest to unlock it.
    • Corrected the amount of BPXP that the Battle Pass Daily Instant Adventure quest was giving if it was obtained from a re-roll.
    • Updated the end date of the Battle Pass Season 6: Typhoon of Doom End date: 25.Mar.2021 @ 16:30 local server time
    • Fixed an issue where the new Wings and the Crown from BPS6 did not show in the Wardrobe after being unlocked.
    • Fixed Icy Levitation mount not granting the min. movement speed mod of 160%.
    • Adjusted several Primalist ranged abilities to be tagged as ranged to not be affected by Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent's range modifier as it should not be affecting already ranged abilities.
    • Fixed an issue with Vulcanist ability "Summon: Beacon of the Drake" and Berserker ability "Icy Cleave" being able to be cast without a line of sight to the target.
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