Dear community,

Rift is back online! This week's update introduces the new Battle Pass Season - Typhoon of Doom and addresses the Stand Tall! ability as well as a bug fix. Thank you all for your reports and patience through the process of fixing the issues.

Here is an overview of today's patch notes:

• Battlepass Season 6: Typhoon of Doom is here! For more details click here!

Ability Changes:
• Multiple casts of Stand Tall! can no longer stack on a single player.

Bug Fixes:
• Corrected an issue that was preventing the purchase of the account-wide Icy Levitation for some players. This mount will be available on the in-game store for the next 2 weeks so that players who couldn’t purchase it will have the opportunity.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Best wishes,
your Rift team!