Patch Notes - April 30, 2020-3004notes-news.jpg

Have you been able to defeat one of our new World Bosses - Alisich / Eki'i - yet? If you haven't already, check out last week's patch notes for more information!

During today's maintenance, we have made some adjustments regarding the two new World Bosses. Here is an overview of today's patch notes:

Outdoor Raid Bosses:
• The newly added outdoor raid bosses now stay for 1 hour before running away.
• Eki’i and Alisich’s health have been lowered.
• Outdoor raid bosses can no longer spawn in King’s Retreat, Longshore Highway, or Kindra’s Thicket.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a bug where critters weren’t correctly spawning in Ashenfell.

Thanks for your patience and happy gaming!