Summerfest returns to Telara! Celebrate the warm weather by participating in scavenger hunts, tracking down special artifacts, or fishing with your fellow ascended. Collect Friendship Bracelets and Merit Badges that can be used to purchase Summerfest event mounts, pets, outfits, decorations, and more! Summerfest runs from July 18th at 3:30 pm server time until August 8th at 3:30 pm server time.

  • Cleric – Cabalist – Fixed a bug with Shadow’s Touch that prevented it from triggering Darkness properly when Sign of Asias was active.

  • Fixed a bug that caused ability tooltips to display incorrectly during character creation.

  • The Budgie Swarm dimension item has been renamed to Frosty Budgie Swarm

  • Voucher Packs for Summerfest Friendship Bracelets are no longer available for purchase.

PVP: Fixed a bug where some abilities were bypassing the PvP healing modifiers. The following abilities are now modified correctly:

  • Planar Rejuvenation
  • Legendary Planar Rejuvenation
  • Life Insurance
  • Legendary Life Insurance

  • No Permission to Die
  • Touch of Life

  • Primal Avatar: Ram
  • Legendary Primal Avatar: Ram
  • Thread of Fate
  • Legendary Thread of Fate
  • Shifting Wind
  • Savage Excitement (now has an appropriate internal cooldown. The internal cooldown fix is applied in PVE as well)

  • Legendary Flash of the Phoenix
  • Reprieve
  • Legendary Aggressive Avarice
  • Legendary Summon: Faerie Healer
  • Ravaging Darkness

  • Soothing Waters
  • Reclaim Elements