5/16: Live Patch notes

Known Issues:
  • Purchasing Credits/Consuming REX will result in a display error causing your total available credits to be reported as 92450. Relogging/opening a category deeper in the store will update your total. This is a visual only error, and will have no impact on your total available credits.

Call to Action:
  • The Planar Research Institute has increased the amount of Chaos Motes given out for completing their daily missions during Call to Action events.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the Call to Action section of the store from appearing during the Budgie Madness event.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Daily Quest Minions of Migration from completing.

Item Mails
  • Fixed an issue where certain item and cash mails would not enable the “Take All” button. This does not retroactively existing item mails, but “Take All” will successfully remove all attachments even from older mails that do have the issue