5/1: Live Patch notes

Battle Pass
  • Season 1 experience will no longer accrue post level 30.
  • weekly - tyrant's forge: Mecha Crucia
    • fixed a text error in the description.
  • daily - In Control: Codex
    • reduced the number of enemy players killed near capturepoints from 50 to 25.
    • increased battle pass XP granted.

Bug Fixes
  • Expert Charmers Caldera: Fixed a bug where players could be locked in Cyclorax's room after killing him
  • Intrepid Adventure Battle Pass quests: Fixed a bug where the quests would also get credit from the other IA
  • Master Dungeons: Fixed a bug that put players in the wrong difficulty when attempting to enter at Master difficulty
  • Call to Action: Updated Zone Events from Mechweek Call to Action to contribute to Battlepass quests.