4/4: Live Patch notes

Enclave of Ahket:
  • Maximus in Alittu now offers additional rewards for those who complete his task to explore the Enclave of Ahnket. Players that have already completed his original task will be able to do so again.
  • Armor from Enclave of Ahnket can now be used with existing synergy crystals.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be mentored to level 50 in Ember Island areas.
RIFT Store:
  • For a limited time, claim the “Past Its Prime Bonus Pack” from the RIFT Store to unlock bonus Carnival currency and rewards. Available for claim by one character per account until 11:59pm server time on April 11th.
Prime Transfers:
  • Unspent credits remaining on Prime have now been linked to your live balances.
  • Those who purchased the Prime Primogenitor Pack or Prime Tempest Pack will now be able to claim those rewards on live shards.
    • Note: There may be a short delay as we continue with the character transfer process from Prime to Live, but these unlocks should be available on live by April 7th.
  • Bonuses for reaching level 50 on Prime will be awarded shortly after the servers are unlocked.
    • Level 65 Character Pack - claimable by 1 character per account from the RIFT Store (top right most box).
    • 1 million Loyalty - applied to account automatically.