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    The Carnival of the Ascended is back!

    In addition to all your favorite events, there are a ton of incredible new items available as event rewards and on the in-game marketplace. Grab the Masked Carnival Budgie while it's available, as well as some new Snail and Tuskar skins (both credit and event currency options are available).

    Featured Challenge Dungeon:
    * We’re experimenting with a new queue for dungeons! These are intended to be slightly more difficult than your normal 5 players content, but also offer higher rewards than usual. Queue up, test your might! Please leave feedback on the forums!

    * Our first Featured Challenge Dungeon is the Enclave of Ahnket:
    A new 5 player dungeon has been found! Ascended, The Tower of Ahnket has increased its pressure on the surrounding area. Strange Simulacrum have begun appearing, attacking those unaware of the danger that lurks. The mages of Alittu grow weary and step one in their plan is to gather intel. Venture towards the tower and scout the area, destroy any simulacrum creatures you come across. For a limited time, you can queue specifically for The Enclave of Ahnket in the Featured Challenge Dungeon Queue!

    RIFT Store:
    Special offers available 3/20 - 4/3:
    • Unlock the White Shelled Racing Snail with purchase of a $100 credit pack in-game in the RIFT Store!
    • Bonus Loyalty! Gain 4 loyalty per credit purchased and spent for a limited time.
    • 25% discount on all premium (credit purchased) mounts!

    Battle Pass Season 1: Stay tuned for info soon™

    Conquest: There is no Conquest.

    We'll update this once we have additions to make.
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