Live Patch notes:
  • Call to Action - Hellbugs will run from Friday, February 8, 2019 beginning at 12:01 AM server time until Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 11:59 PM server time.
  • Raids: In preparation for future content releases, and to encourage more hybridization amongst tanks in raids, we have removed Legendary Hits from bosses in Bastion of Steel, Tartaric Depths and Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix.
  • Added ability for addon commands “Command.Dimension.Layout.Place” and “Command.Dimension.Layout.Pickup” to work with items in the moving crate.
  • Added General category and Individual Reward Charges to currency addon inspect commands.
  • You can now drop items from Dimension moving crates directly into your inventory without having to place the items in your dimension first. The moving crate window will have an additional button to do this.
  • Fixed typo in addon documentation for the function name for Inspect.Dimension.Layout.Detail
  • The Hawk Vox dimension item should once again be placeable.
  • Golden Perciever VFX should be properly displaying!