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    Default RIFT 4.5: Hotfix #1 7/12/2018

    RIFT 4.5: Hotfix #1 7/12/2018

    Due to the extended downtimes that occurred yesterday and today, we are extending bonus XP through the end of Sunday, July 15, 2018. Thanks for your patience, Ascended!

    • The Ceremony of Attunement, which was previously postponed due to Yrlwalach induced rain, has been rescheduled. Come and join the celebration where absolutely, positively nothing will go awry.
    • Grim Remembrance
      • The quest “Tools of Destruction” has been removed from the achievement requirements for “Grim Tasks”.
      • The event merchant has improved their organization of wares.
      • Clicking on the Achievements button in the World Event UI now takes you directly to the Grim Remembrance achievement section.
      • The iLvl of level 70 gear has been increased (vastly in some cases).
    • Summerfest
      • The new Island Cove dimension is now properly flagged as a rest area.
    • For level 70 raid gear with randomized suffixes (concats), the odds of any particular concat have been evened out.
    • The cosmetic unlock of the Estrodian Wings should now function properly. For players that have already purchased the Estrodian Wings, you can get the wardrobe unlock by logging in any character that has not yet claimed the mount and wardrobe item from the mail (or create a new character to do so) and go claim the wings from the mail.
    • Xarth Mire
      • Jubjub and a few other boglings in Bailghol have returned to their intended spots on top of the docks rather than hanging out under them all shady-like.
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