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    Default RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #14 5/23/2018

    RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #14 5/23/2018


    • Purchasing New Role Slots: Reduced the cost of Role Slots 6-9 to 100 Platinum or 70 Credits (down from 900 Plat / 600 Credits). Role On!
    • Fixed an issue that made disabling the tooltip anchor not actually disable ability tooltips.
    • Fixed an issue that when joining a guild, if already inside that guild’s dimension you would not be able to see their item list.
    • The achievement “Caught Them All (Almost) now only requires 250 minions (was 300). The previous tier of minion collecting has been reduced to 175 (was 200).
    • The wardrobe appearance “Crumbling Ivory Magus Bow” is now unlocked for any account that has purchased the Mystic Archer class.

    • Bosses in Normal Tartaric Depths should now drop Captured Intel.



    • Septic Wounds now also causes Dire Blow and Desecrating Blow to have a 35% chance, per Attack Point consumed, to refresh all of your active Reaver damage over time effects on the enemy. [Edit: corrected to 35% ~Brasse]
    • Shadow of Dread now also applies a debuff to the enemy for 15s, causing the enemy to take damage equal to 6% of the caster’s attack power each time the caster applies a Reaver DoT to the enemy. The debuff is applied before the DoT effects from Shadow of Dread and is also triggered by DoT refreshes from Septic Wounds.

    • Updated the description for the Light’s Favor talent to remove reference to Light’s Rapture.

    • Fixed an issue with the debuff tooltip for Precise Strikes. It now correctly shows the amount of damage increase it gives.
    • One Two Punch now also increases the Attack Power and Weapon Damage contribution of non-Follow Up Builders by 5%.
    • Updated Precision Strikes to, “Increases the damage of Swift Strike and Setting Moon by 10/20%. Hitting with Swift Strike or Setting Moon applies Precision Strike to the enemy, increasing damage from your finishers and channeled abilities by 10/20% for 6s.” Note: the tooltip needs to be updated, but the ability works correctly!


    • Fixed an issue preventing multiple Mages from having Lingering Torment, from Legendary Neddra’s Grasp, active on an enemy at the same time.

    • Tempest Winds no longer requires a Blade buff.
    • Updated Lightning Charge to provide the same damage proc from Slashing attacks as Lightning Blade.
    • New Ability: Luminous Blessing – This is a copy of the Luminous Weapon ability, but does not transform the caster’s weapon. It is gained at the same time you gain Luminous Weapon.
    • New Ability: Reaper’s Essence – This is a copy of the Reaper’s Blade ability, but does not transform the caster’s weapon. It is gained when you gain Reaper’s Blade. There is also a Legendary version of this ability that is gained whenever Legendary Reaper’s Blade is selected.

    Mystic Archer
    • Fixed an issue preventing Arcane Summoning from working correctly when multiple Mages with the talent are attacking the same target. This talent should now work independently for each Mage.
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