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    RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #1 3/14/2018


    (for the Prime:Vigil version of the patch notes, please see this thread)



    * Fixed the Benefactor preset by removing Shaman and Inquisitor abilities from the preset ability bar.


    * Fixed the missing melee weapons for new characters choosing the Virtuoso preset.


    * The ability names for Beastmaster summoning have been changed.

    CaptainCursor has a story to tell about this...

    Nyol the Beastmaster looked upon the warriors of Telara and despaired. Why have so few of the warriors of Telara followed in his path? He sought out his spirit companion in the Realm of the Fae. “Naveer, my faithful companion, you have journeyed with many a beastmaster, you might know their mindset even better than I. Why are there so few of them in the world?”

    Naveer stretched and yawned, his saber like teeth flashing white in the bright faetouched sunlight. “It’s because I don’t do much to help them.” The great cat dropped this brutally honest truth on the great soul, and went back to sleep.

    “What do you mean you don’t do anything? I remember adventuring with you, you would bite and swipe with your great claws!” Nyol replied, shocked at his former companion.

    “Did I tank for you?” Asked the cat pointedly.

    “No. I seem to remember doing all that work.”

    “Well there you go. I didn’t want to muss up my fur. So I let the monsters hit the warriors. Better they die then I look less than fabulous.” Naveer then fell back asleep.

    Nyol fumed as only elves can, his ears turning a bright shade of red in his anger. He went to the nearby stream and grabbed a bucket full of water and ran back to the great sabretooth cat and splashed him while hissing in a bestial manner. Naveer meowed in surprise and shock and jumped up into the nearby tree as Nyol shouted as his former companion. “You WILL help out these great warriors in the mortal realm! Are you saying that a pile of rocks or a pig are more fearsome than you, the great primal cat? Now when you bite a foe, or swipe them you will draw the attention of the monstrous opponents lest my great martial tradition fade from Telara!”

    “Fine!” cried Naveer, clearly freaked out, “Just stop throwing water on me. I hate that.” And with a burst of lightning he jumped into the mortal realm and mauled a goblin.

    Beastmasters pets have been renamed and given new icons. Now the primal companions have been renamed to “Primal Sabretooth” and the Vicious Companions have been renamed “Vicious Wyvern”. A Primal Sabretooth will do increased threat with its Bite and Claw Swipe abilities. The Claw Swipe will now also include a taunt. The Lesser Primal Companion has been given the Claw Swipe ability as well as the Pounce that were once found only on the Greater Cat. From now on the Sabretooth will be a tank pet, and Beastmaster in dungeons and raids are advised to use their Vicious Wyvern whose abilities are unaffected and should not draw agro.


    * Increased the drop rate for equipment in normal dungeons and allowed for more free loot rolls for bosses in normal dungeons.

    * Removed mana drain abilities from the raid.

    * Players should no longer be able to pull Lord Draveneaux out of the fight space.

    * Zone Event: Saving Lantern Hook: Fixed some NPCs using the incorrect power level, resulting in inflated experience on its death.

    * Silverwood has had a number of new carnage quests added to bring it up to parity with Freemarch. 14 of them, in fact!
    - If you are a Guardian and have left the zone, it might be worth taking a murder run through that idyllic forest and sweeping up some of this sweet, sweet XP.
    - Certain existing carnage quests that asked you to fight legitimately difficult fights, or asked you to go above and beyond the number of targets have had their XP reward increased.
    - Alas, without the Cosmic Rhinoceros, you can’t go back and time and redo them.

    * The Lycini Ambassadors, as well as the Trove and Atlas Reactor promotional quest givers, are now back from their lunch break.

    * Common ("white") rarity equippable items are now Bind on Equip.


    * The vendor value of crafted fluff consumables has been reduced to 1 silver each.
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    UPDATE: to be added to the next available patch (likely 03/21/18):
    • Updated Carnival T2 Earrings
    • Primal Carnival Mask
    • Mask of the Firebird

    These items do take a patch to add in.
    Thank you for your patience and set your timers!

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