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    Default RIFT 4.4: 3/7/2018

    RIFT 4.4: 3/7/2018 [Edit: previously posted as 4.3 ~Brasse]

    == FEATURES ==

    The new RIFT Prime server, Vigil, will open at 11 AM Pacific / 7 PM GMT!

    This server returns us to the launch of RIFT, when the level cap was 50 and all of the great Dragons awaited. Over time, we will unlock new content and levels together!

    There are no boosts, no supply crates, no equipment, no bags on the RIFT Prime in-game store for credits; they will be offered for in-game currency. This is the world of RIFT before Free-to-Play, accessible to any and all who are Patrons!

    It's going to be a CHALLENGE!
    Patron Perks are not applied to characters on Prime servers.

    You will be able to create two characters; you cannot buy or earn additional character slots.

    == GAME UPDATE ==

    * The colors that indicate quest difficulty are now properly reflected when mentoring.
    * The Ascend-a-Friend update from last week has been removed. Reverted last week’s AAF update where it would no longer populate your friends list. This made the AAF summon not work properly and has been re-enabled.



    * Fixed an issue with Legendary Neddra’s Grasp not properly proccing Lingering Torment on Azranel.


    * Fixed an issue with Fated Blades not being able to be purged.

    * Quest: The Changeling Revealed Epic quest in the Life Saga has been changed so that you can’t get stuck in a bad place, but you still need to read the directions or you’ll need to redo your fight with the changeling. Sorry Roughraptors, reading is fundamental.

    * The quest Drill No More in Scarlet Gorge no longer gives double credit for sabotaging each drill.

    * A number of Expert and Raid rifts can no longer be opened in Ironpine Peak. Instead, they can be opened in Shimmersand and Stillmoor. The rifts are as follows: Storm Legion Elite, Revenge of the Icewatch, and Hunger of the Deep.


    * The vendor value of crafted Glyphs has been reduced to 1 silver each.
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