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    Default RIFT 4.0: Hotfix #10 1/19/2017

    UPDATE, 3:34 PM PST:
    Dev is going to spawn the vendor and quest giver (for Queen's Foci) in Camp Quagmire. This will be done first on the NA servers, and then after the hotfix on the EU servers as well.

    Quest Giver: Daily/Weekly for Queen's Foci
    Vendor: Seals, Upgrade Components, Minions, Drinks


    RIFT 4.0: Hotfix #10 1/19/2017



    * Legendary Waterjet’s Snare no longer stacks incorrectly. We hope you enjoyed your brief and shining OP moment!


    QUEEN'S FOCI (SFP only)
    * The Queen’s Foci raid shard will be temporarily available to all without needing to complete the Fortress Siege zone event.
    * Fixed an issue where Hexathel could get stuck in a non-interactive state. He is fully armed and operational now. Bring it!
    * Fortress Siege will remain offline until we have done a full pass on the feature.

    * Adjusted Mages Brew pricing from the Mages of Alittu Special Quartermaster. (SFP)
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