RIFT 4.0: Hotfix #7 12/21/2016

* The Fae Yule version of Whitefall should be active once again! Enjoy!
* The achievement "Winter Homemaker" has been moved to Legacy status.
* The achievement "The Nightmare Before Fae Yule" no longer has "Winter Homemaker" as a requirement.
* The stat allocation for the Fae Yule lesser essences has been adjusted to include Attack or Spell Power.

* The Clockwork Lifter no longer disappears when the rider is selected.
* Added bag size information to the Fragment Inventory.

* There is now a "Buildings" section for Dimensions in the Store. Many new dimension buildings can be found in this section!
* Added healer focused synergy crystals to the store.
* New essences that come from Reaper Supply Caches now have tertiary stats!

* Level 65 masteries that no longer have damage ranges no longer incorrectly indicate that they do in the tooltip.


* Arcane Manipulation now correctly points at the proper damage entries, and will correctly scale.

* Legendary Internalize Charge now only removes the charge cost of damaging abilities.


* Legendary Satchel Charge no longer stacks incorrectly. Multiple Rogues can now apply it correctly.


* Steadfast Rejuvenation - Should now correctly affect Legendary Font of Savagery.
* Ethereal Meditation - Should now correctly work with Legendary Cultivate.


* Legendary Swift Strikes can now be applied by multiple warriors at once.
* Legendary Punishing Blow can now be applied by multiple warriors at once.

* Starfall Prophecy Daily Quests – The following Daily quests now correctly require completion of their associated slivers the same day in order to receive credit.
* Starfall Prophecy invasions – The Whipvine Bloodseeker will now animate properly.

* The Museum of Alittu has had a docent create exhibit labels for the main display. Displays on loan to the Council of Mages are slated for labeling later in the year.
* Closing rifts and killing invasions in Starfall Prophechy/Planar Assault now counts towards Mages of Alittu rep.
* Raid Testing Dummies - Simulated Bosses now correctly take damage as expected.

* Quest: Echo of King’s Fall – Moved the exit portal that spawns in the throne room after you kill Duke Arcarax. It is now located off to the right of the throne to prevent accidentally teleporting players who have the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

* Quests: The Battle of Saint Taranis and the Echo of the Battle of Saint Taranis: Fixed an issue where Garn’s character model would not draw correctly for some players.
* Quest: The Echo of the Battle of Saint Taranis: Fixed an issue where players who got out of the Dragonslayer Ballista during the objective to weaken Garn, to use the Dragonslayer Ballista.
* Quest: Cleaning Up the Badlands: Lowered the amount of goblins in each goblin camp pertaining to the quest.
* Quest: Smash Time: Fixed an issue where if a player had the quest, “Taming Flame”, and completed “Smash Time”, the horn would from “Taming Flame” would be consumed
* Quest: Safe Passage: Fixed an issue where the “Dismissal” ability was able to be used at the incorrect health percentage of the NPC
* Quest: Draconian Solution – Garn and the drake assault will now reset after 30 seconds if there are no players in the area

* Quest: Echo of Mael Salach: Fixed an issue where a player could use the second Memory Crystal during Lord Fionn’s monologue. This Memory Crystal will now despawn before Lord Fionn despawns.
* The Simulacrum Pests in Critter Glen no longer grant experience.


* The maximum number of entrances to Tok's Proving Grounds has been increased to 5.
* Rat should no longer be able to get into the Crafting Halls.
* Added a teleport to the Pyramid by the Lab tables. It takes you to the Off switch for other traps.
- Dead Simon tip: Great for Rat or Shiny hunting!
- However, you still need to do the challenges to get the key to the chest at the top.
- If you fall through the sky maze, you can use this to bypass the traps, so long as long as you've done them prior to falling.
* Added a new Race quest to allow players to earn a little more Notoriety per day.
* The Shiny chest has been fixed. All the puzzles now grant a one time bonus of Notoriety as compensation.
* The Shield abilities are no longer timed.
* Made improvements to Shield reliability.
- Note: This may be a lag issue of sorts. While the fix was tested on a simulated high-lag server, it cannot catch all things. Be sure to report on the forums in case you experience further trouble!
* The Boglings now behave more predictably with respect to how fast they start to interfere with the Sudoku table.
* Boglings now do not Fail Boglings Denied quest if you've completed the quest but haven't yet turned it in.
* You can no longer get trapped in the Glass maze anymore.
* You can no longer cheat on the Math Test. A failing grade to those that did this!
* Fixed an exploit with Notoriety.
* The teleports on the Sky maze are now a little more forgiving, and the active indicator effects a little more lag tolerant.
* Slightly increased the Rat spawn rate.
*A bunch of other small bug fixes and tweaks!

* Block has been removed from crafted Shields.
* The Opie mount now removes the effects of Micro Brew upon use.

* The materials for the Gedlo Curry Pot have been adjusted. The number of items produced has also been adjusted.

* Mac Conn at the Shadow Market on the border between Scatherran and Xarth now has many dimension items for sale.