RIFT 3.7: Hotfix #14 9/28/2016

* A character who happens to have the same of a character who was previously in a guild but is no longer a member can engage in guild activities.
* Fixed a bug when relisting auctions from the mail box with a stack size over 999.


* The achievements “It Only Stings a Little” and “Like Crushing An Insect” will now be correctly granted when meeting the achievement requirements

* Inquisitor Garau has momentarily shrugged off the madness of Akylios and realized the achievement “Gooooooolem” could never be completed. In this moment of clarity, he has moved it to the Legacy list. He was also able to remove it from the requirements to complete “Conqueror: Hammerknell Fortress” before madness overtook him once more.

* The new Mystery Box: Imperial Wonders contains a selection of new dimension items not available anywhere else in the game. Most of these items are from Sanctum and Meridian. Each Mystery Box also includes a chance for the new Harvest Meadow dimension key.
* The new Beasts of Burden Dimension Grab Bag contains a random horse, vaiyuu, or yarnosaur dimension NPC.
* There are new recipes available to craft Matte Black Building Blocks.
* New Metal Building Blocks and Glowing Building Blocks are available in the store.
* New Dimensional Beam VFX are available in the store.
* The max item count of the Anywhere dimension has been increased.
* The Shal Korva Dimension Key Grab Bag and Korvan Dimension Item Grab Bag have been retired.
* A Guild Vault dimension item is now available for purchase.
* The new Telaran Bottle Six-Pack (Not found in stores) includes a random selection of 6 new tavern bottles.