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    Default RIFT 3.7: Hotfix #9 8/24/2016

    RIFT 3.7: Hotfix #9 8/24/2016

    * Players in starter guilds remain in the same guild when they hop shards.


    * Primalists completing the quest Servants of Twyl can now claim a two-handed mace as a reward.



    * Saboteur has been completely rebuilt from the ground up as a 3 target cleave/AoE spec.
    * Key Points:
    - Many abilities have been pruned and/or reworked completely.
    - Charges have been changed to a personal resource that are used to cast Sticky Bombs.
    - Sticky Bombs are triggered by the Detonate ability (and Satchel Charge if talented).
    - Several reactives have been added to improve gameplay readability in general.

    * The Warmonger’s Charm will no longer trigger damage to players taking damage from Intercede.
    * Replaced the activated abilities on Rogue daggers from Lord Fionn with passive abilities.
    * Fixed an issue that allowed some items with activated abilities to be triggered when not equipped.
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