RIFT 3.7: Hotfix #3 7/20/2016

* Claim your Summerfest Friendship Gift in the RIFT Store, available now through August 5th! Each gift contains 40 Affinity, 125 Summerfest Merit Badges, 1 Summerfest Friendship Bracelet and a 3 Day Patron Pass, claimable once per account. Thanks for your patience during the downtime last week!
* Artifact Piñatas will no longer allow you to pick up the Artifacts unless you were an appropriate level (or mentored level) when the Piñata died. It must be green or higher to you, or else you will not be able to pick up Artifacts or get loot in your Rift bag.
* Artifacts from piñatas will no longer prompt a need/greed roll regardless of loot settings.
* In an effort to curb the extinction of the local swarmlord population, the achievement “Bug Juice” no longer requires 300 kills of Swarmlord Khargroth. 1 seems sufficient.
* Little Shiny no longer makes any noise. Hopefully his remaining forms of communication are still intact.
* Thundersmack is now available to all callings. Get this player-named weapon while you can!

* Fixed an issue when purchasing tokens and vouchers.
* Fixed a crash that could occur relating to the Captain Dagon minion.
* Fixed an issue with the intro movie causing a client crash on startup.
* Pressing enter while attempting to buy partial stacks or split stacks in the inventory will now function correctly.
* Fixed a crash when trail-type particle effects are triggered.



* Fixed an issue that could result in Faith's Reward being removed when another Cleric casts Overflowing Renewal on you.

* The Precision Inscribing talent now affects Rune of Soul Binding and no longer affects Rune of Smiting. Runestrike and Inscribe Fate are still affected by the talent.

* PVP: Massive Blow damage reduced by 20% in pvp environments.


* PVP: Break Free now works as expected again.
* Frozen Ground now properly applies immunity after stunning a player.
* Infuse Magic now heals for 67% less in PVP.

* Weekly Quest: Aquias Avenger: This quest is now correctly listed in the Weekly section of the quest log.

* Have the Prophecies of Ananke come to pass? Will they be fulfilled? Why are there imps all over Tempest Bay? Do you have a few moments to talk about Aia, the goddess of fate?


* Lord Fionn now has a chance of dropping a warrior one-hand weapon with the Ethereal Ascension activated ability.