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    Default Glyph Beta Patch Notes June 14, 2016

    Glyph Beta has added some very cool new stuff so be sure to opt in to be a Beta tester!

    • Changed look and feel of Sign-In dialogues.

    • Streamlined new account creation.
      1. Can quickly create a brand new account directly via Glyph client.
      2. Capturing minimal Glyph account information to get you into games faster.
      3. Auto-download game when Glyph client is downloaded through a game's website.
    • Additional Account information dialogues added.
    • First/Last Name and Glyph Tag dialogues have been added to capture additional account information needed to provide a full service Trion experience.
    • Dialogues will appear while a game is updating or installing.
    • Options to skip these step until later, or never ask for these steps again have been added.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fix for a crash in the Streaming Downloader.
    • Made a change to help prevent an issue where the Glyph updater would get caught in an endless loop.

    Note: After signing into the updated Glyph Beta a small number of players may receive a message that their account registration is complete. Just click Ok and you shouldn’t see that pop up again.

    Thanks for your continued help as we work on building the best Glyph possible!
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