RIFT 3.6: Hotfix #2 4/21/2016

NA: 4/21/16 7 AM PDT
EU: 4/21/16 1 AM GMT (UTC)

* Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed two different Shimmersand arena bosses to be spawned on top of each other.
* Quest mobs from My Kingdom for an Epic Mount will no longer grief or troublemance nonparticipating players.
* The achievement “Fortune Favors The Gold” now credits for the Carnival games in Tempest Bay.
* The Fae Yule artifact “Akylios Plushie” has been renamed “Akylios Plush Doll”.
* The Carnival parade worker wage dispute has been resolved, and the Parades are running once more!
* Fixed an issue where some Carnival Instant Adventure kill targets would spawn inside the walls of Haunted Terminal.
* Tthe Carnival Boss lures no longer have use time.
* The Mind Boggles: If you skip the objective to read Maguk’s Instructions, assembling the Gurg Summoning Components will now increment it for you.
* The Frogifact Daily Quest reward cache now rewards three artifacts instead of one.
* The Frogifact game should spawn a wider diversity of frogs.
* Grand Theft Lifter: Lifter Thieves are 33% more clickable.
* The shadows of Kain, Zaviel, Mann, and their lackeys should no longer be able to be given a guided tour of Telara. Cosmologist Mann will now give credit to any groups attacking him for the event.

* Changed the Daily Rewards calendar to pop up only after login.
* Fixed the display of some achievements which were no longer showing rewards.
* Minions: Greatfather Frost and Caeweth had a brief identity crisis, which has been sorted out.
* Bags no longer close when changing maps.
* Fixed the Store from sometimes displaying landing pages when clicking into categories.
* Fixed an uncommon instability issue.

* Nightmare Saga: Thanks to nstgc, Researcher Jessa is no longer scared off by Defilers’ Beacons of Despair during the quest Finding the Finder.
* Tales of the Ascended V has been added to the Raid Rift daily rotation.



* Fixed a bug which prevented Crystalline Resonance’s healing bonus from being applied to the proper target.


* Hot to the Touch now functions as described in the tooltip.
* Pressurize can no longer trigger Explosive Potential after the target of the Pressurize has died.
* Primal Avatar: Thresher no longer incorrectly benefits from damage bonuses.
* Effervescent Blast damage reduced by roughly 6%.
* Vaporize Damage reduced by roughly 6%.


* Shadow Fire now increases Ranged Damage by 5%, down from 10%.
* Raptor's Ferocity now increases damage by 5%, down from 10%.
* Aggressive Defense now increases the damage bonus of Shadow Fire to 10% and the bonus from the Shadow Fire proc to 35%, down from 15 and 40 respectively.


* Soul Redemption now correctly shares a cooldown with the Warchanter Battle Res, Stand and Fight.

* Stand and Fight now properly restores mana to targets who are revived by it.
* Stand and Fight now correctly shares a cooldown with the Liberater Battle Res, Soul Redemption.


* Lady Justice - Resolved an issue with Lady Justice not correctly resetting her counter for Weight of Guilt after players wiped to Judgment (causing them to potentially get judgment on the next pull).

* Tonic of Gust Resistance can now be used by characters of any level and no longer puts any other potions on cooldown.
* Dantwor Honey-Tongue now sells the Fall of Aedraxis raid rift lure.