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    NA: 4/13/16 7 AM PST
    EU: 4/13/16 2 PM GMT (UTC)

    Turn the tides of the planar war with the Ascended Soul DLC! Unlock abilities for each calling, from powerful single-target heals and buffs that reinforce your allies to melee and ranged DPS enhancements that lay low even the hardiest planar invader. Heed your Calling and unlock powerful synergies between your existing souls!

    The Frostkeeper - Mage - Single-Target Healer
    A master of Ice and Earth magic, the Frostkeeper preserves their allies by shielding them from incoming damage with ablative magics. Frostkeepers also use their highly potent Barrier magic to provide extra protection to up to three specific friends.

    The Maelstrom - Primalist - Ranged Single-Target DPS
    The Maelstrom focuses on burst damage and reactive gameplay. Using the elements of Fire and Water, the Maelstrom brings together opposing forces to vaporize and consume foes.

    The Runeshaper - Cleric - Ranged Single-Target DPS
    A ranged spellcaster that uses the power of faith and ancient lore. Runeshapers imbue powerful symbols with the might of the gods to defeat their enemies.

    The Shadeborn - Rogue - Dual-Target Melee DPS
    The darkness holds many dangers, and the Shadeborn is one of them. The Shadeborn excels in taking out one or two targets, dealing impressive damage to their primary target, and by using the power of their living shadows, may hit a marked secondary target as well.

    The Warchanter - Warrior - Single-Target Healer
    A combat veteran with a booming voice, the Warchanter can heal his allies’ wounds with life magic and a shout. They specialize in the use of shouts and chants, balancing cooldowns to protect and preserve.

    The True Multicore beta continues with increased stability and some new performance increases! We encourage you to try it out, especially if you're using the Low Quality Renderer on a machine that has multiple cores. Previous reports have indicated up to a 50% framerate increase.

    Turning on the beta is easy! In the Start Menu, go to Settings > Video > Advanced and check ON Experimental Multicore.


    The Carnival of the Ascended has returned! It’s been five years since Telara was saved from the threat of the Blood Storm and their dragon cults and this year, the Tempest Bay docks have been transformed into a centralized locale for all things carnival. Come and check out the new features and content!

    * New level 65 story quest line, The Barker and the Boglings, is now available! Speak to Kwip the bogling near the Tempest Bay porticulum to begin.
    * New Shimmersand Arena Rift daily quests, featuring some of the greatest threats from the past five years.
    * New limited time Instant Adventure: Carnival of the Ascended.
    * New Frogifact carnival game.
    * New vanity items, including capes, masks, wings, and portrait badges.
    * New minions and new minion adventures – the new minion, Zephyr, is available from the Rift Store and unlocks a series of minion adventures that lead to 5 more new minions!
    * The Carnival of the Ascended 10 hour promotional minion missions are back for the duration of Carnival!


    You can now earn rewards just for logging into RIFT! Every month has 21 rewards to claim on a calendar that will pop-up every time you log in with an unclaimed reward. These rewards do not stack, so be sure to get them every day they appear!

    * The calendar resets on the 1st of every month.
    * The days logged in do not need to be consecutive, in case you miss a few days.
    * Reward claims are region specific.
    * The window only pops up when you have a reward to claim.
    * If you forget to snag it, you can find a shortcut in the Start Menu > Activities. If you've got one to get, it'll glow! A notification shortcut has also been added to the Alert Tray.
    * When logging out of the game, you'll get a reminder of your next day's rewards as the log out timer counts down.


    You can now buy extensions to each of your bank vaults (shard vault excluded) to double the slots available. Each bank vault extension is a separate purchase and is character specific. The “Special” bank vault that comes with the Ultimate RIFT Edition gets expanded for free for your account!

    The dual attunement planes of Nature, Cinder, Storm, Steam, Dusk, and Dust have been expanded to hold a second tier of attunement points. Each tier adds new activated abilities including Confluences. When used together, the Confluences can unlock a powerful effect named Confluence of the Planes which will allow an Ascended to even cheat death!

    Along with this, the Planar Attunement cap has been increased from 1427 to 1709!
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    == GAME UPDATE ==

    * Fixed a long-standing issue where character costume tint and makeup colors would become broken. (We think. Please report if you still see this!)
    * The following achievements are now Legacy: Quantity Over Quality, Try Not To Look Too Desperate.
    * The dead will no longer temporarily, angrily yet ineffectually demi-ressurect. (Dead creatures armed with weapons won't appear to sit up and swing at players anymore).
    * /Camp in some cases will no longer take you to the wrong shard.
    * Fixed an issue causing some load screens to take longer than necessary.
    * Fixed an issue with mentoring returning after leveling, when mentoring had been cleared.
    * When a character’s level is changed via mentoring, an appropriate message is displayed in the General console window informing the player of the level change.
    * Fixed a bug where the Shard Select list would display an incorrect number of characters.
    * Fixed an issue where clicking the wrong location could prevent collecting an artifact.
    * The friends list has been limited to 200 people, in order to add past that you must remove friends from your list.
    * There is no longer a limit of how many mails you can send to alts.
    * Fixed an issue where the quest complete icon for completed artifact sets would not show after changing maps.
    * You can now share quests to your raid.
    * When graphical effects for mounts disappear in a congested or high-effects area now restart after reaching a clearer area.

    * RIFT Store: The credit prices for the following packs have been reduced:
    - Storm Soul Pack: 3,000 Credits
    - Dream Soul Pack: 3,750 Credits
    - Primalist Calling Pack: 4,500 Credits
    * A new grab bag has been added to the Store containing brand new ice building blocks!
    * As you are out defeating foes, participating in activities such as PvP, Raids, Instant Adventure and Zone Events you will obtain Unstable Cache Anomalies. In addition to powerful equipment, these new caches have a chance to give Cosmic Fragments and Warmonger’s Marks! Look for Planar Stabilizers on the Rift Store to unlock these Unstable Cache Anomalies and collect your prize!
    * You no longer have to re-enter login information when adding payment methods.
    * The Store now shows the Patron price of items on sale for credits if you are not a Patron.
    * Some RIFT Store categories will now display a landing page.
    * Searching Buy Orders from the auction house will now work properly with ‘+’ in searches
    * Better handling when attempting to purchase more than 60 buy order slots in the auction house.

    * Fixed a memory leak that may have caused some instability.
    * Fixed single-frame black flicker issue with multicore renderer.
    * Further performance improvements for multicore rendering.
    * Fixed instability issues when changing graphics settings with parallel rendering enabled.
    * Fixed flickering characters with multicore rendering enabled.

    * Account wide ignore has been implemented! All characters on an account now share a universal ignore list. When a character is added to that list, that user's entire account is ignored. That means all characters-- past, present, or future-- will be considered ignored on that region.

    * Added a new hotkey: Control + E now interacts with the nearest object to you.
    * Fixed the achievements window and quest sticky to update when completing artifact sets.
    * The character creation screen now properly displays Patron discounts.
    * Improved the look of particle-based equipment in target frames, character window, and other UI elements.
    * Fixed buttons in the bank and guild bank to work after changing global UI scale.
    * Added tooltips to tutorial quests and achievements in the Quest sticky.
    * Fixed a bug for being able to show tutorial quests on minimap.
    * Fixed several windows to adjust size if open while changing the Global UI Scale.
    * Changed the mail window send to name field to use the Tab button to cycle through suggestions. It will no longer suggest a different name every time you send a mail and instead start at the top of the list of name suggestions.
    * Send mail auto complete will no longer suggest cross-shard names, unless you are sending a gift. After you send mail, the next auto-complete suggestion will start with the last character you sent mail to instead of at the beginning of the suggestion list.
    * Character sheet stats will now tell you how much your dodge rating is increasing your maximum absorb.

    * A new player, who’s been playing Rift for less than 3 days (real time) will get to sample 3 days of Patron time, claimable via the Rift Store.
    * When a character which does not have the Soul Recall ability reaches level 10, the game will grant the character the aforementioned ability.
    * Main map auto-center toggle now defaults to on for new characters.

    * To help combat ability lag, all auras that previously ticked every half second now tick every second instead.
    * You can now unlock up to 40 role slots.


    * Faith's Reward - Now also causes Overflowing Renewal to heal its primary target for an additional 100% of its healing over 10 seconds.

    * The mana cost of many Defiler abilities has been reduced.

    * Fixed an issue preventing Approbation from reducing Soul Stream’s cooldown.

    * Miens now properly have 10 second cooldowns that match their shared cooldown.

    * Cascade is now off the Global Cooldown.
    * Cascade now restores mana equal to 30% of the caster’s maximum Mana, up from 15% of the caster’s maximum Mana.
    * Orbs of the Tide - Now triggers on any incoming damage, removing several restrictions of ability types that would not trigger these.
    * Orbs of the Stream - Now triggers on any incoming damage, removing several restrictions of ability types that would not trigger these.
    * Bosun's Blessing - Now increases damage dealt by 30%, up from 10%.
    * Cascade – Now generates mana equal to 30% of the caster's mana, up from 15%. No longer triggers a global cooldown.
    * Boundless - Now reduces mana cost by 2% per point, instead of increasing damage by 1% per point.
    * Hidden Reserves - Now increases damage done and healing done with Water abilities by 5% per point, up from 3% per point.


    * Replaced Ethereal Flux with Ethereal Blast. This ability can now be used immediately on any given target. After casting it, subsequent spellcasts reduce the remaining time on Ethereal Blast’s cooldown.
    * Fixed an issue which could cause Sparking Destruction to ignore buffs and debuffs in specific raid encounters.

    * Archon's Bulwark - When casting a Primary Bolt, the damage of the matching element is improved by 50% for the next 3 abilities within 15 seconds. Additionally, you have a 30% on any damaging ability cast to make your next Raid Support ability deal 100% more damage and be instant cast.

    * Synethesis, Lifebound Veil, and Lifegiving Veil are now off the Global Cooldown. These abilities now share a 5-second cooldown.
    * Living Aegis has been modified. In addition to its existing effects, it now has a chance when you heal an ally to cause your next three casts of Vile Spores or Natural Healing to be instant. It now increases damage done by 10%, down from 15%.
    * Natural Healing now generates a Boon of Life Stack.
    * Essence Conversion now costs 5% of the Mage's current health, down from 7% of the Mage's maximum health.
    * Essence Conversion now returns 15% of mana, up from 7% of mana.
    * Healing Torrent now heals the caster for the same amount as it heals the target.
    * Natural Conversion now affects all abilities, not just spells.
    * Symbiosis no longer applies a debuff preventing other Chloromancers from using Symbiosis on the same target for a duration.
    * Living Shell is now on the Global Cooldown. Its absorb amount has been increased accordingly.

    * Flicker: Cooldown increased to 30 seconds.

    * Void Decimation now increases Void Bolt, Neddra’s Torture, and Void Barrage damage by 3% per point, up from 2% per point.
    * Opportunity and Warlock Armor’s haste effect can now buff the Warlock simultaneously.
    - If any cast-time spell other than Consuming Agony is cast, only Opportunity will be consumed.
    - If Consuming Agony is cast, both buff effects will be consumed and both benefits will be applied.
    * Sacrifice Life: Mana – This ability now restores 20% mana, up from 7%. Now consumes % Current Health, not % Max Health..
    * Sacrifice Life: Damage - This ability now consumes % Current Health, not % Max Health.
    * Warlock Armor:
    - The buff from Warlock Armor now makes Consuming Agony Free, instead of 50% cheaper.
    - When Warlock Armor triggers, the remaining cooldown on Consuming Agony is reset.
    * Empowered Darkness - Now Grants 100 Charge on use, and no longer requires 75 Charge to cast. The amount of Damage amplification is up from 40% to 50%
    * Death's Door – This ability’s damage increases as the target's health gets closer to 0, approaching double damage as the target’s health approaches 0%.
    * Atrophy – The damage amplification per tick of this ability has been increased from 15% extra damage per tick up to 20% extra damage per tick.
    * Improved Draining Bolt –
    - Draining Bolt’s damage now increases by 10% per talent point per Death DoT on the Warlock’s target.
    - Draining Bolt’s healing is now increased by 2.5% per talent point per Death DoT on the Warlock’s target.

    * Primalist Planar Attunement Dusk Weapon Enhancement (Primal Blade) has been replaced with an equivalent Enchantment to Warriors (Primal Edge).

    * Bound: Cooldown increased to 30 seconds.


    * Hidden Veil no longer incorrectly triggers while not stealthed in certain circumstances.

    * Blade Hustle now correctly states that it increases the duration of Rhythmic Actions by 2 seconds per point. This is only a tooltip change.

    * On the Double: Cooldown increased to 40 seconds.
    * Retreat: Cooldown increased to 40 seconds.

    * Greater Griffon reduced to 50% size (down from 75%).
    * Aggressive Defense mastery now improves the damage bonus provided by Shadow Fire from 10% to 15% and increases the damage bonus provided by the Shadow Fire proc from 30% to 40%.
    * Shadow Fire now increases Ranged Damage by 10% (up from 5%).
    * Shadow Fire now deals 30% more damage on a proc (up from20%).
    * Shadow Fire now deals 90% of its damage in PVP (down from 100%).

    * Guardian Phase no longer incorrectly reduces the healing of the Planar Variation mastery.


    * Messy Wounds no longer costs Power.
    * Twin Cuts now applies a 5% Physical damage taken increase and 7% Non-Physical damage taken debuff to the target for 30 seconds on application. (This debuff is shared with Archon).

    * The Liberator Talent tree has been slightly reorganized.
    * Redress and Aegis of Advocacy have changed places in the tree. Redress now requires 21 Points to purchase, while Aegis of Advocacy can be purchased at 16.
    - This should have no noticeable impact on the vast majority of Liberators.
    * Positive Reaction: No longer incorrectly heals pets.

    * The stat reduction provided by Death Touch now qualifies as a Disease and can be cleansed.
    * Death Touch now reduces Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom by 10% (instead of Strength and Dexterity by 80%).

    * The Chronicler Gold Tongue is now in Epoch Plaza in Meridian, Tavril's Plaza in Sanctum, and Plaza Aurentine in Tempest Bay. She has been recording your major exploits throughout Telara-- Especially your thwarting of the dragons and wishes to help you complete the ones you may have forgotten about. If you've forgotten how to proceed to the next quest in the Life, Death, Air, Water or Nightmare sagas, then she can tell you where to go.
    * Invasions for The Onslaught and Forlorn Fen should no longer be going under terrain.

    * Helera Ruesen in Ember Watch now shows your currency when browsing her wares.

    * Fixed an issue with The Infinity Gate above The Flatyard (visible after completing the Nightmare Coast dungeon) causing it to be incredibly difficult to see while in the area.

    * Ascension Gone Wild should now be complete able. New quests to lead the players to the Nightmare Coast, Gyel Fortress, Citadel of Insanity, Glacial Maw, and Rhaza’de Canyons should now have markers guiding you to the entrance.
    * Players who have the temp ability from Three Heads are better than one should no longer be able to banish NPCs into the ether.
    * The Extinction of Sanity now less insane to complete.
    * Exceptional Sparkle quests arrive in Telara.
    * Nightmare Saga: Harder thank Arak: The platform in Glacier’s End is no longer invisible.


    * Fixed an issue in the Enigma fight with the Range Buff not re-applying correctly.
    * Fixed an issue where Fauxmire would sleep in or stay up late and not transition to night and day properly.
    * Fixed an issue allowing Pagura's lieutenants, Crustok and Brachy, to be aggroed separately. They now aggro in tandem.

    * Intrepid Instant Adventures now award more powerful equipment to level 65 characters.
    * A player who enters a private dungeon instance will be kicked from the adventure group of which he/she is a member.

    * For level 65 PVP, the following global adjustments have been made:
    - AoE Absorbs and AoE Healing have been reduced by 15%.
    - Global Healing has been reduced by 25%.
    - Ranged Damage has been reduced by 10%.
    * You can no longer join a warfront while flagged as AFK.

    * Minions: Halgian the Pyretouched’s death stat was slightly too high and will now max out at 10.
    * Minion assassination missions for characters higher than level 61 now have a chance to pay out Pelagic Fragments.
    * Eelo the minion had the wrong flavor text, stolen from Ich’kir’s. Which was a shame because his is much more entertaining, so his original flavor text has been restored.

    * Tier 2 warrior 2 hand weapons now have relic quality healing upgrades. These healing upgrades and existing dps upgrades side grade to one another.
    * Fixed a bug that caused cloth to have higher than intended armor values on Primalists.
    * Infinity Stone Vouchers and Sourcestone Vouchers no longer play deprecated currencies. They now pay void stone. These items are not available in-game; this change only affects the small number of these items still held by players.
    * Warmonger’s Blade and upgraded Warmonger’s Blade now correctly unlock the Shardstrike weapon appearance in the wardrobe. Scalldorn, the Enigma Bane, now deals Ethereal damage (changed from Physical).
    * Warmonger’s weapons have had the number of Warmonger’s Marks required to purchase them reduced by 33%.
    * Zareph's Return, Wyrmbane Spire, and Chancel of Labors Teleport Devices’ cooldown periods now time out when logged out.

    * Both the Risarian Treasure Chest and Korvan Treasure Chest now give dimension items!
    * Sky projectors and Time of Day related dimension items have been removed from the Affinity and Dimension Lockboxes/Grab Bags.

    * Amender recipes and associated components no longer have a 20 hour cooldown between crafts.
    * Amenders, Strands of Arak/Draum, Dream Weaver components (Faint Dreams, etc.), and Apothecary Nightmare components (Nightmare Ichor, etc.) have had their costs to craft reduced.
    * The Master skill 300 weekly quests now offer the quest recipe and is no longer available from the trainer.
    * The Crafting Skill Boost now properly boosts Survivalist to 375 when chosen.

    * Corrected the requirements for “Look at All These Parts“ Achievement.
    * Thanks, Seshatar, for calling out the following achievement fixes!
    * Moved the achievements for killing players in Iron Pine Peaks, Shimmersand, and Stillmoor to Legacy.
    * Increased point values for the killing players and PVP rank achievements.
    * Added 'Consumed by Nightmares VI' to 'Nightmare VI: Master' Meta.
    * Moved ‘Black Garden Domination” to the Black Garden sub-category.
    * Moved ‘The Battle for Port Scion Domination” to the Port Scion sub-category.
    * Moved ‘The Codex Domination” to the Codex sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Assault on Bronze Tomb Domination” to the Bronze Tomb sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of The Moribund” to the Black Garden sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of the Caretakers” to the Black Garden sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of the Ridgerunner Mercenaries” to the Karthan Ridge sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of the Eldritch Vanguard” to the Port Scion sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of the Noble Guard” to the Port Scion sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of The Seekers” to the Library of the Runemasters sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of the Runic Sages” to the Library of the Runemasters sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of the Eldritch Seekers” to the Codex sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of The Unspoken” to the Codex sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of The Storm Guard” to the Whitefall Steppes sub-category.
    * Moved ‘Hero of the Whitefall Brigade” to the Whitefall Steppes sub-category.
    * Moved the Promotions category to be a sub-category of World Events.
    * Moved the Wardrobe category to be a sub-category of Character.
    * Reordered the main categories of achievements.
    * Moved the Loyalty achievements to the Character category.
    * Set the Loyalty achievements to display as a chain.
    * Increased the score of ‘Karthan Ridge Domination’ to 50 (was 10).
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