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    Default RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #19 4/6/2016

    RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #19 4/6/2016

    NA: 4/6/16 7:30 AM PDT
    EU: 4/7/16 1 AM GMT (UTC)

    * Further multicore stability improvements.
    * Guild mates can now appropriately pick up dimension objects a guild mate’s personal dimension, if the correct permissions are set.

    * Zareph's Return, Wyrmbane Spire, and Chancel of Labors Teleport Devices’ cooldown periods now time out when logged out.

    * The rewards from zone events have been adjusted!
    * For players level 60-65, zone events now reward Abyssal Crusader Marks in addition to previous rewards.
    * For players level 60-65, the rewards for completing lower level zone events while mentored has been greatly increased.
    * For players levels 42-59, the Void Stone rewards have been reduced slightly.
    * Unstable Zone Events no longer count towards the weekly Zone Event quests.

    * ZE: Ravenous Devourer: Fixed an issue where sometimes Ojingeodon would not be at full health when he spawns.

    * IA: Feathered Foes:
    - Increased the number and spawn rate of the Regal Cloudstalkers needed for this quest.
    - Map markers now better indicate the loctions of the Regal Cloudstalkers.

    * IA: Grid Unlocked:
    - For larger groups of players, the number of Conservatory Automatons to kill has been reduced.
    - Conservatory Automations have been scaled up and Defenders have been scaled down.
    * IA: Anti Arta: Reduced the health of Coralio Arta.
    * IA: Brain Freeze:
    - Fixed an issue causing Legion adds to not spawn.
    - Coralio Arta’s Brain Wave attack is no longer blocked by the curvature of the roof.
    - Increased the rate that Cryomod Canisters respawn.
    - Additional broadcast instructions on what to do with Cryomods.

    * The “Follow Up” passive on weapons found in Mind of Madness is now prevented from triggering on DoTs, Poisons, or small amounts of damage generated from long-duration buffs.
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