RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #17 3/23/2016

NA: 3/23/16 7:30 AM PST
EU: 3/24/16 1 AM GMT

* Fixed an issue causing the Multicure Renderer to be slower than intended.
* We've disabled the experimental multicore renderer when using the low-quality renderer.

* 5th Anniversary Celebration: Fixed a display issue with the World Event quest that would cause it to display incorrect text.
* The achievement “Empyreal Assault Adventures!” has been moved to Legacy.
* Turning in a Bounty set should no longer dismount you.

* The following weekly quests are now banded by level, no longer require the completion of specific zone events:
- Shield of the Land and Frontlines of the Planes (level 45 to 50)
- Shards of Infinity (Level 51-60)
- War Across the Seas (Level 61-65)
* The quests to complete 7 zone-specific Instant Adventures has been removed from the following zones:
- Cape Jule
- City Core
- Pelladane
- Seratos
- Morban
- Steppes of Infinity
* The daily quests given in Sanctum and Meridian have been replaced with weekly quests. Their rewards have been substantially improved. These quests are available from level 10-49.
* A weekly quest to complete Instant Adventures has been added to Tempest Bay. The quest is given by Tacitus the Elder and is available levels 50-59.

* Fixed an edge case that could occasionally result in an IA raid not getting any quest objectives. (Thanks, Soulshield!)

* Increased the drop rate of Golden Maw artifacts from the Rival Bounty Hunter in Planetouched Wilds.


* Fixed Dominance leaderboards for Lady Justice, Dark Genesis and Arisen Arak.
* Arisen Arak: Shadow of C’zyth now prioritizes Implosion in his rotation and no longer requires a target in clear line of sight to activate.
* Pillars of Justice: Reduced the health of this encounter by 10%, reduced the outgoing damage on spike hitting attacks by 10-15%, reduced the damage gain from Injustice by 3% per stack, increased the cast time of interrupt mechanics and Stay/Order of Execution (42 seconds to 48).
* Fauxmire: Decreased boss health by 10%.
* Lady Envy: Decreased boss health by 10%.


* The reward chest in Conquest will no longer give Void Stones or Hearts of the Frozen.
* Instead, they now grant Abyssal Crusader Marks by default, with a small chance to instead get a Warmonger’s Mark.
* PVP weekly quests have had their reward package increased to include 5000 Favor in addition to everything else they currently reward.

* Battlemaster’s Brew now stacks to 99.
* Fixed an issue that would cause tanks with Tier 3 relic weapons to damage enemies around their corpse when they were resurrected.
* Explosion of Vigor now heals the caster for 30% of their maximum health, up from 15%.
* Explosion of Vigor now damages nearby enemies for 30% of the caster’s maximum health, up from 15%.
*The Nexian Spellbinder, the mage off-hand from Mind of Madness, now correctly has a sidegrade to the tanking version, Fortified Nexian Spellbinder.