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    Default RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #15 3/9/2016

    RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #15 3/9/2016

    NA: 3/9/16 7:30 AM PST
    EU: 3/9/16 2 AM GMT

    == FEATURES ==

    5th Anniversary Celebration – Adventure of a Lifetime!

    It’s been five glorious years of massive battles and ascended souls… and that means it’s time to party! Grab your friends, gather your guildmates, and prepare for a month-long celebration that will rock the planes. The 5th Anniversary Celebration kicks off on March 9th, with a World Event that rewards incredible prizes for those that achieve greatness, and through April 5th, you can earn 5th Anniversary Tickets for doing the stuff you normally do! All the events below will pay out throughout the entire event but each week will also have a special focus, where a specific game activity pays out even more tickets:

    * Instant Adventure: March 9 – 16
    * Random Chronicles: March 16 – 23
    * Random Warfronts: March 23 – 30
    * Random Dungeons: March 31 – April 6
    * Zone Events
    * Weeklies

    Speak to Maguck the Ticket Master in Tempest Bay to see the in-game rewards offered, including the Mystical Carousel Ram, Tier 3 Raid gear (rings and earrings), 46 soul vanity capes (one for each soul!), the Haunted Terminal dimension, and more!

    We’ve partnered with Enjin, a premier guild hosting site, to host the Leaderboard for us. Click here to visit the Leaderboard and track your progress through the event. We suspect they have a special deal for guilds looking for a home as well! The Top 100 players on the Leaderboard are guaranteed to win prizes, and even more Ascended in the Top 1,000 will be eligible to win random prizes. The Leaderboard will be updated several times each day, and rewards will be given out after each week’s events. Ascended, prepare yourselves for the Adventure of a Lifetime!

    The RIFT 5th Anniversary only happens once - make sure you can say you were here and battled for some of these amazing rewards! For full event details see our blog post here.
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    == GAME UPDATE ==

    * Corpse Moth breeding is under control. You should no longer find huge piles of them.

    * Added the additional benefit of No Soul Vitality Damage on Death to the description of Patron Benefits in the Store.

    * Fixed a bug that caused quest stickies to not reappear when going into edit mode inside a dimension.
    * Fixed the missing home button in the store for NPC merchants.

    * When doing auction house searches, you can now add a ‘+’ to the front of your search text to do an exact string item name search.
    - This will now be the default behavior when right-clicking on items in your bag or from the Crafting Window to trigger auction house searches.
    - This will result in the auction house not showing other items in your search results.

    * The distribution of zone events should be more even among the various zones.


    * Arisen Arak: Addressed an issue where hard mode loot could be given out to a non-hard mode kill.
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