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    Default RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #13 3/2/2016

    RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #13 3/2/2016

    NA: 3/2/16 6 AM PST
    EU: 3/2/16 2 PM GMT

    * Reworked Quest UI to display patron bonuses for Prestige, Favor, Notoriety, etc.
    * Trade chat is no longer a global chat channel.
    * To cut back on griefing, ready checks can no longer be initiated in Warfronts, Conquests or IAs.

    * Improved performance in areas with lots of players.
    * Fixed cloak flickering issues with multicore rendering.
    * Fixed render issues with portraits, characters, and other embedded 3D targets while using multicore renderer.
    * Fix incorrect transparent UI elements with parallel renderer.



    * Fixed an issue which caused Ward of Flame to absorb 100% of incoming damage, instead of 85% of incoming damage.

    * Tutorial Quest: Advanced Lessons: Soul Tree: Fixed an issue that prevented Defiant Primalists from progressing this quest.

    * Quest: Rage in the Machine: Fixed the kill objective from incorrectly incrementing twice per objective.


    * Dark Genesis: Healing trinkets will now work on the Preservation Core for 200,000 health worth of healing.
    * Arisen Arak: Fixed a gap in collision that caused players to projectile into the air during the Arisen Arak fight.

    Lord Arak:
    * Terminal Sedation now does smaller amounts of damage throughout its duration.
    * Greater Weakness now reduces players’ outgoing damage by less.
    * Reduced Theta Waves healing by a third.
    * Reduced Night Stalker health to 7 M from 10 M.
    * Reduced the damage of Divide and Conquer.
    * Despair crystals now hit for 90% of health.
    * Fixed an issue that could allow all stacks of Phantasmic Defense to fall off without killing all Nightmare Guardians.

    * Pagura no longer casts Curse of Six.
    * Pagura now casts Curse of Four until 40% health.
    * At 40% health, Pagura now casts Curse of Five.
    * Reduced the damage increase caused by Hex Frailty.
    * Increased the amount Hex Frailty can stack.
    * Increased the cast time of Shattering Roar.
    * Scourbites’ Torn Flesh causes the target to receive less damage than previously.

    * Fixed a visual issue with Elf Female Ornate Aelfwar Tunic.
    * Fixed many items which granted Absorb shields to all have 15% bleedthrough.
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