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    Default RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #7 1/27/2016

    RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #7 1/27/2016

    NA: 1/27/16 7:30 AM PST
    EU: 1/28/16 2 AM GMT

    * You can now use Rune particle effects items on your Off-hand wardrobe weapon slot, as long as the wardrobe weapon type you have selected is listed in the list of usable weapon items on the Rune tooltip.
    * Achievement: Instant Adventurer: The menu text for the title rewarded by this achievement now correctly displays as The Manugoist.
    * The auction house will no longer reset the browse item list to the top when purchasing something.

    * For a short time only all ten hour adventures are now four hours!
    - As an added bonus, your minions will still earn the same amount of experience as they did before!

    * A new tier of upgrades have been added to level 65 lock box gear.
    * Crafter’s Energy Infusion, Earring Slots, Planewalker: Water and Bag of innumerable Pockets are now credit only to purchase.
    * The RIFT: Typhoon Edition can now only be purchased with USD, GBP or Euros.
    * REX is no longer available for Referral Coins.



    * Fixed an issue where Sparking Destruction could fail to trigger on distant targets when the player’s range had been enhanced by another ability.

    * Fixed a bug allowing Living Aegis to be purged.

    * Fixed a bug allowing Pain Armor to be purged.

    * Fixed a bug allowing Elemental Armor, Prismatic Armor, and Stone Armor to be purged.

    * Fixed a bug allowing Eldritch Armor to be purged.
    * Reworded the tooltip for Eldritch Power to be clearer.
    * Added a new effect to Eldritch Power: While Eldritch Armor is active, each slashing attack which does not trigger Eldritch Gift causes your next attack to have a 5/10% increased chance to trigger Eldritch Gift.

    * Fixed a bug allowing Bone Armor to be purged.

    * Fixed a bug allowing Pyromancer’s Armor to be purged.

    * Fixed a bug allowing Storm Armor and Tempest Armor to be purged.

    * Fixed a bug allowing Dark Armor and Warlock to be purged.


    * Fixed an issue causing Vitrify to cancel effects from Paladin/Life’s Rapture or Purifier/Flame of Life.
    * Living Wall is now replaced by Life’s Rapture or Flame of Life, allowing their HoT effects to have full uptime.

    * Gear obtained from Intrepid Instant Adventure caches can now be upgraded an additional time to be equal to Tier 1 gear.
    * Instant Adventure: Hammerknell: Potential fix for the inconsistent behavior of the Akylios platforms.

    * Quest: Ascension Gone Wild: Can now be completed.
    * New quests to lead the players to the Nightmare Coast, Gyel Fortress, Citadel of Insanity, and Rhaza’de Canyons should now have markers guiding you to the entrance.
    * Fae Yule: Guardian characters that have completed the Fae Yule quest, ‘Gift for a Bogling’ and were not given a Fae Yule Grab Bag reward can speak with Merga in Tavril Plaza to claim their grab bag.

    * Baac mobs in Cosmic Steps now grant experience.

    * New Achievement and Title: Royal Advisor: Become Revered with Shal Korva.
    * Quest: Pain in the Ancestors, A Tigress’s Funeral, and Deadly Proposal have had their onslaught objectives adjusted and fixed. They should all spawn less invasions at a slower interval. There will also be no elite invasions that spawns.

    * Zone Event: Forest Fire: This event now correctly awards Void Stones when completed.
    * IA: Sobering Realization: Fixed an issue with objectives spawning.
    * IA: Fire and Venom: Fixed some objectives not crediting properly.


    * Dark Genesis: Fixed a bug where Holy Genesis would sit without acting.
    * Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in combat during the trash event before the Enigma.
    * Arisen Arak: Killing the Terror of Arak will now grant you a buff which allows you to drop an Ethereal Pocket at your location when you desire to do so.
    * Arisen Arak: Fixed a bug that was interfering with the fight reset in some instances.

    * The issue with the, ‘Blue Stage Curtain’ dimension item not appearing when placed in a dimension has been fixed.
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    Updating notes to remove the following:

    * New Dream Orbs have been added to the Rift Store! Look for them under Equipment -> Dream Orbs!
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