RIFT 3.5: Hotfix #1 12/10/2015

NA: 12/10/15 1 PM PST
EU: 12/11/15 2 AM GMT

* Fixed an issue with affinity causing time logged in to not save properly after a crash.
* Fixed an issue with affinity not calculating time logged in properly after logging out.



* Arisen Arak:
- Shadow Flare now does more damage the closer you are in Light of Draum mode, less damage the closer you are in Shadow of the Nexus mode.
- Shadow of Asuramyth no longer has a chance to create an unavoidable full death zone.
- Addressed several issues where players could get stuck in a loop of falling.
- No longer returns after a soft reset if he has been killed.
* Dark Genesis:
- Addressed a bug with the fight not resetting correctly when the raid wiped.
* Lady Justice:
- Made the leash timeout for Vigils of Justice slightly more forgiving.
- Reduced the radius of Sphere of Incarceration by 1.5 meters.