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    Default RIFT 3.5: WINTER'S WRATH


    == FEATURES ==

    *We've introduced a new rewards system for Patrons: Affinity! All Patrons will gain five Affinity Tokens for every day they log in to each region.
    * These tokens are also rewarded for every hour spent in game, awarded up to three times a day.
    * Affinity is an account shared currency, and can be accessed by all characters on the same region.
    * This currency can be spent on mounts or other items in the RIFT Store under the gold colored Affinity category!

    *Get free goodies just for leveling up! Open this special trove every 10 levels for potions, mounts and more.
    * Don't miss out: find your Ascended Trove in the RIFT store starting at level 10!

    * You’ve battled your way beyond space and time, through the synapse fortress and the place known as An End To Reason. It’s not over yet - the greatest challenges of The Mind of Madness have only now arrived!

    * The Goddess of Reason and judgement. All she can see is evil and disorder which must be eliminated, and in her warped state of mind, that includes you!

    * He is the delver of secrets, and while he may not be inherently destructive, his lack of regard for those he considers lesser beings often leads to their demise.

    * At the Monolith of Ruin, the Dark Genesis conspires against order, plotting to bring destruction to Telara. Destroy the Dark Genesis before all of Telara falls before him!

    * Lord Arak was able to harness the power of The Enigma, Lady Justice, Lady Envy and even the Dark Genesis to transform himself into a being without equal!
    * The Arisen Lord Arak’s mere presence shatters reality, and the quickest of Ascended may escape destruction by quickly aligning themselves to one or the other before Arak is able to incinerate them!

    * As the first step in our ongoing PvP efforts, we've updated some of the PvP game modes and rewards!
    * Marauder Supply Caches:
    - Now drop Dreambreaker gear as the default.
    - No longer drop weapons.
    - Gear can be upgraded an additional tier to be equal to Tier 2 items. (Weapons and Essences do not get this upgrade path.)
    *New PVP weapons have been added to the RIFT Store. To purchase these weapons, use Favor to buy Warmonger’s Marks. Warmonger’s Marks can be found in the Upgrade Parts tab of the RIFT Store. You can buy a limited number of Warmonger’s Marks each week.
    * The PVP weekly ‘Hired Guns’ quests have been shortened. PVP weekly quests now require 7 wins in various warfronts and no longer include Port Scion as a required warfront.
    * The kill count required to complete the weekly quest Conquest Carnage has been reduced to 1800, down from 2000.
    *Phase 1 of Conquest is now significantly shorter, requiring only 750 kills to advance to phase 2, down from 1200. Phase 2 has been lengthened to 10 minutes, up from 5 minutes.
    * Players will be prevented from joining a conquest match if there are less than 200 remaining kills.


    * New Instant Adventures are now available in Iron Pine Peaks – Restore the holiday cheer with Atrophinious and Greatfather Frost!

    * There are brand new Holiday Minion missions abound – just pick up the new Minion Card: Grish from the Store!
    * Did you miss out last year? Minion Card: Rudy is available again, and last year’s minion missions can be completed too!

    * The Sparkle Quest has made a joyous comeback for level 65 players! Seek out Stuttik Fyrirthig in Draumheim and grab the quest Faelight Sparkle Returns to start your adventure.
    * The Sparkle Quest can earn a piece of the most powerful gear in Telara (from the brand new Mind of Madness Raid) by collecting enough Faelight Sparkles.
    * You can earn them completing Expert Dungeons, winning Random Warfronts, looting the chest in Conquest, participating in experience giving Zone Events, or an assortment of daily and weekly quests.
    * Once you earn enough currency from these activities, you’ll be able to purchase either a Sparkling Shard of Wonder (a random piece of gear for Healers or DPS) or Reinforced Sparkling Shard of Wonder (a random piece of gear for Tanks).
    * A note to hoarders: last year’s Faelight Sparkles will dissolve and all NEW ones will be earned for this year’s quest.
    * Choose wisely, this quest is only available once this Fae Yule!

    * Whether you’re sledding down the slopes (and killing a few Snowmen on the way), dreaming up gifts in the Plane of Water, or battling Yulelogon and his invaders, all the traditional quests for Fae Yule have returned this year.
    * Earn currency, dimension items, companion pets, and more for completing these to afford all the Fae Yule presents your heart desires!

    * For the duration of Fae Yule the final boss in level 65 Expert Dungeons will drop a Dormant Fae Yule Gift!
    * These gifts contain a dormant piece of gear from Mount Sharax, Tyrant's Forge or Rhen of Fate. Upgrade them to full T1 power with Abyssal Crusader's Accelerators.
    * Gifts are unique and take 12 days to open naturally. Use Temporal Aligners from the RIFT Store or daily Patron login bonuses to speed up the process.

    * Of course it wouldn’t be Fae Yule without a bevy of achievements to attain or all sorts of fun rewards to earn. Between the Snow Ki Rin and Nightbringer Mounts, fun interactive items that will liven any party, and adorable companion pets to join you on your journeys, there's something for everyone in Fae Yule.
    * The star on top of this year’s Fae Yule tree is a set of Everfrost Gorget necklaces that start off as equivalent to gear from the first set of Nightmare Tide raids, but are quickly upgradable to those found in Tier 2.
    * These mighty necklaces are available throughout the event in exchange for 2,300 Unique Snowflakes and 30 Dark Icicles or 2,100 Credits. Make sure to get yours before they are gone!

    * There’s always a ton of great stuff on the RIFT store during Fae Yule, and this year has some amazing new items, including animated backpacks, the majestic Midnight Mink mount, Faeblight Sparkle weapon skins, and a couple of cute portrait badges to complete your holiday look!
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    == GAME UPDATE ==

    * Fixed an issue where clicking abilities with ground targets while moving the mouse would cause abilities to not be cast.
    * Dying during click to move will no longer cause you to continue to move to the same location once alive.
    * Fix a crash that could happen when the computer is locked while loading the game.
    * Damage will no longer tick while dead.

    * We're taking another stab at the tint corruption issues that occasionally happen. Yes, that's the bug that caused your armor to change to wacky colors! Please let us know if they're still occurring and if they fix themselves after about a minute. (Which they might, now!)
    * The "Enable Detail Objects" advanced video setting will now adjust your visual quality immediately when applied, instead of waiting for a load screen.
    * Animated objects now respect level of detail settings so that they decrease in quality as you get further away from them.

    * Users no longer need to relog from Glyph after purchasing Primalist for it to be available.
    * A user with the maximum number of character slots cannot purchase the Character Slot Extension item from the Store.
    * Key to Dimension: Tulan is now available on the Rift Store under Dimensions -> Keys!

    * Added addon support for using mounts. This now allows for the requested feature of random mount selection!

    * The Dimension help tips have been updated!
    * Fixed the wardrobe preview to properly show dyes when adding/removing appearances.
    * Added a shortcut button to the Crafting Window to help buy reagents quicker.
    * Added two color settings for tooltip descriptions of collected and uncollected items.
    * Titles now have consistent capitalization in the selection menu.
    * Item tooltips will now contain crafting profession information when you mouse over an item that is used as a crafting material. The tooltip will now tell you all professions that use that item in recipes and what the minimum crafting level needed.
    * Fixed a bug preventing the Tier 3 Guard tooltip from appearing in the client.
    * Fixed an issue with text alignment on the welcome dialog.

    * You can now apply temporary vfx runes to your wardrobe weapon slots!
    - Right click on the rune then apply it to a wardrobe weapon slot.
    - Clearing the wardrobe weapon slot will also clear the rune.
    - Applying any runes to your wardrobe weapons will not apply any stat changes from the rune.
    - This is only for wardrobe weapon appearance. You can still get the stat effects by applying the rune to your regular equipped weapon.

    * Effects which deal damage based on the amount of damage a triggering attack dealt now calculate their damage off of Absorbed damage as well as standard damage.
    - For example: If a Tempest Warrior activates Arc and then attacks a target who has an Absorb effect, Arc will deal damage based on the total damage dealt to the target's shield+hitpoints.
    - Previously, it would only deal damage based on damage dealt to the target's hitpoints.


    * Almost every Mage ability has had a damage calculation formula adjust for its Base Damage. Please see this post for a comprehensive breakdown.

    * Almost every Cleric ability has had a damage calculation formula adjust for its Base Damage. Please see this post for a comprehensive breakdown.

    * Increased Diversify from 2.5% damage per stack up to 3% damage per stack.

    * Resplendent Embrace: Fixed a bug which caused this ability to calculate its max health boost without including health from stats on items. This ability's effectiveness now properly scales with equipment.

    * Pain Transmission has been redesigned. This ability is now a foe-targeted spell which deals damage to the target and up to 4 nearby enemies. Its damage has been substantially increased, but is now divided between the number of targets struck.

    * Fixed an issue preventing the Vampiric Essence Planar Attunement ability from triggering for Primalists.

    * Savage Blow now deals Ethereal damage over 12 seconds, rather than instant Physical Damage.
    * Savage Blow's damage is now increased by 20% for each of your DoT effects on the target, up to a maximum of 100% increase.
    * Savage Blow’s initial damage has been reduced by 50%.
    * Fixed a bug causing Spiritualism's buff tooltip to misreport its outgoing damage.

    * Fixed a bug causing Estuary to consume Hasty Blossom buffs.


    * Fixed an issue where Necrotic Wounds, Soul Sickness, and Flesh Rot displayed 40m range but was actually 30m.


    * Nightmare Saga: Return to Empyrean Core now counts towards the quest In Fellowship.

    * Quest: A Valuable Offering: This quest is now completable by Primalists.

    * Quest: Braving the Dream: This quest has been changed to require use of an item as opposed to temporary abilities.

    * Quest: Battle Preparations: The Dawnkeeker Construct will now perform as expected when summoned against the group of soldiers.

    * Merchants: Scheym Anhew, the Planar Merchant in Three Springs, no longer requires a minimum level for displaying his wares.
    * Quest: Runic Recall: Fixed an issue that would cause the Runemasters and Assasins that attack on the final step to spawn to soon.
    * Quest: The Churning Fates: Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the Shadebound Monstrosity from appearing.

    * Fixed the placement of some unreachable artifacts.
    * Quest: General: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Daily questgivers in Shal Korva, Woe, Khort, and Jad to not respawn after being killed.
    * Quest: Stone Cold Survivors: Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the survivors to not leave the cave.

    * Quest: The Spirit Walk: This quest can now be completed by Primalists.
    * Quest: Spirit Animus: This quest can now be completed by Primalists.

    * Dalendel the Reanimated: This creature will no longer fly beneath the ground.
    Quest: Profane Expanse: The Rhenke Raiders will no longer attack Ikbarru if he gets too close to them.


    * When a player enters the Random Chronicle queue, the player can repeat a particular chronicle as many times as the player wants, as long as the player has sufficient charges to do random chronicles.
    * If a chronicle is completed as a non-random chronicle, the player will remain locked out of the non-random version of the chronicle as long as the timer hasn't expired, but can still complete a random version of the chronicle

    * All mounts can be taught to swim underwater with the Underwater Mount Training item
    * Proc Effects on Relic Ranged weapons from Rhen of Fate no longer enhance the damage or healing of other Nightmare Tide procs.
    * Token Boost effect buffs now correctly state that they boost the income of Fragments of Madness but not Fragments of Darkness.
    * Drowned Prophet's Coif now has a credit price on the store.

    * The drop rate and amount of Imperishable Motes have been greatly increased from Crafting Rifts.

    * Planetouched Wilds dimension items have been added to the Dimension Item Grab Bags and Uncle Stan's Super Secret Lure.

    * Fixed missing sounds for Preserver abilities Serenity, Essence Flow, and Bound.
    * Fixed a case where the Fae Yule sledding whoosh sound could get stuck on.
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