RIFT 3.4: Hotfix #8 11/11/2015

NA: 11/11/15 7:30 AM PST
EU: 11/12/15 2 AM GMT

* Fixed a bug causing 7 Random Chronicle Rewards to be granted per day, instead of 1 per day.
* Guild members who are not in-game but are connected via the mobile app will appear as offline in the Roster tab.
* Fixed a bug that would prevent Primalists from undoing points spend in talent trees.



* Ursine Tenacity’s movespeed reduction while channeling Nurture or Naturalize has been reduced from 50% down to 25%.

* Fixed a bug causing Seismic Smash and Lashing Wind not to trigger several items’ triggered abilities.

* Invigorate now requires the target be a member of your Party or Raid.

* Removed a redundant “How to Play” section from the Talent Preset overview for Titan.

* The following change now does not apply to instant adventures in the Intrepid queue:
- When a group finishes an instant adventure quest in a zone that has an active zone event, they will be sent to the same zone on another shard that has no zone events active.
- If that is not possible, the instant adventure system will send the group to a new instant adventure.


* Quest: The Siege of Shal Korva:
- Fixed an issue where certain voice over audio and text would play twice.
- Fixed an issue where players could skip certain quest objectives.
- Fixed an issue with Teth Torok’s “Karmic Drain” ability not displaying the telegraph VFX
- Decreased the damage of Teth Torok and slightly increased the damage mitigation of Sun’s Gift. Thank you to Mashata for the report!
* Quest: A Tempting Offer: The step "Kill the Secret Wish" now has the correct map indicator. Additionally, the Secret Wish can be re-summoned at that location using the Contemplation Stone.
* Quest: Woe is Me: Teth Varadeshi no longer grants experience when killed.
* Quest: Reluctant Rescuee: Uureg will now correctly speak players when they come to plead for his help.

* Quest: The Goddess: Players who abandon this quest part way through and then return to Cyberneticist Frekker to begin it again will now be able to experience Aia taunting them a second time.


* Killing Murdantix will now allow access to Garau and Darktide even if the instance is soft reset.

* Fixed a bug where an invisible Misericordia was showing up between the Pillars of Justice.
* Hand of Judgment no longer persists after Vis and Misericordia have been killed.
* Fixed an issue where Lady Envy could cast Enticement right before Singularity
* Fixed an issue with Lady Envy where on fight reset, corpses did not gather in a safe location
* Fixed a fallen shadow location.
* Lady Envy: Fixed an issue where “Singularity” would trigger the raid wipe mechanic a little too early.
* Lady Envy: Fixed an issue where “Bullet Hell” would sometimes not trigger in Phase 3.
* Pagura and Lord Arak now respawn a few seconds later after a reset, lessening the chance they’ll reaggro on players.

* The player crafted companion pet Jeeves has been fixed
* The Dimension item loot table associated with Stan’s Lure and the dimension related grab bags have been doubled in size with twice the items.

* All Tier 2 store weapons now have the correct hit values.
* Updated the Fragment of Darkness cost on Tier 3 raid items.
* The Enslaved God's Breastplate should now upgrade correctly.
* Shal Korva heirloom rings are now bind to account. Shal Korva notoriety runes are now bind on pickup.
* The incorrect naming on the Magnificent Twin-rune of Dexterity has been fixed.
* The “Explosive Intent” ability on Enigma Seal trinkets has been improved.
- Its damage has been increased by 140%
- It now deals Ethereal damage
- All damage dealt by this trinket is now guaranteed to critically hit.
- The maximum number of targets struck by the explosion at the end of the ability has been reduced from 10 to 5.
* Fixed a bug causing several items from the Mind of Madness to display redundant “Use:” information in their tooltips.
* Fixed a bug giving upgraded PVP shields large amounts of extra block.
* Nightmare Edge of Reason now grants the correct appearance unlock.