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    Default RIFT 3.4: Hotfix #4 10/21/2015

    RIFT 3.4: Hotfix #4 10/21/2015

    NA: 10/21/15 7:30 AM PDT
    EU: 10/22/15 1 AM GMT

    == FEATURES ==

    Telara’s season of ghoulish tricks and treats returns on October 22 through November 11. Your favorite events from previous years are back – but this season has a few new frights of its own!

    'Tis the Season For All That Scares
    The portals to the Realm of Autumn Harvest are open! Plunder loot that the Fae have stolen throughout the year – but beware: Seasonal Rifts bring the fight to Telara, and Monster Mash returns to Black Garden, turning combatants into shambling horrors, werewolves, and worse.

    Frightful Weapons
    An assortment of awe inspiring armament appearances are available in Autumn Harvest! Collect all the variants of this wonderful weaponry before they take flight!

    Don a Costume
    Scare your friends in style with new signature masks. This year’s collection contains some classic looks, including a Skull that will haunt your dreams! In addition pick up new backpacks that will have you very animated, and a set of bat wings that will be all the rage at Autumn Harvest parties.

    Instant Terror
    Gloamwood gets a bit spookier when you visit it inside our featured Instant Adventure! For the length of Autumn Harvest encounter all new spooky bosses while roaming through Gloamwood; will you be able to defeat them all?

    Spun From Steel and Fear
    A carriage fit for a demon queen, Spinderella is terrifyingly eye catching! A delicate web of steel forms the structure, which sits atop eight terrifying mechanical legs. Get one before the Lock Box disappears after Harvest’s end! If you didn’t manage to pick up an Armored Nightmare last year then you’re in luck! The Ironclad Nightmare shares the same appearance and is available for Autumn Harvest Signets or Credits. Unlocking for a single character, this foreboding steed scales to the speed of your fastest mount.

    New Minions & Adventures
    Who loves Autumn Harvest most of all? Taskmaster Atrophinious! He’s got a mission for you, and along the way you might run into the season’s other new Minions: Qu'ella the Wretched, The Nightstalker, The Hag of Gloamwood, and more!

    New Dimension Items
    Super cute plushies, Jack-o’-lantern sconces, pies, and more! Find these in the Autumn Harvest Dimension Grab Bag.

    Animated Portrait Badge
    Get your Creepy Crawler animated spider portrait badge by completing the new achievement, Mask-A-Raid: 2015!

    To get this party started, we’ve got a fearsomely fun special: With your first purchase of a $49.99 credit pack in game (or the local equivalent), you’ll receive 5 Limited Edition: Spinderella Troves! Don’t wait long though, this deal only lasts through Tuesday, October 27!
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    Avatar art is courtesy of Allie Brosh!

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    == GAME UPDATE ==

    * Fixed the preview image for the Limited Edition: Primal Razorback Trove.

    * UI elements will no longer drift or move unexpectedly when Global UI Scale is turned on.
    * Bags and chat windows will retain their position when opening/closing and when changing maps
    * The main map has been fixed to no longer snap while dragging, and will save its position.
    - Note: Some windows may return to their last location when transitioning maps. A Save Layout, or Window Resize, will store the new position. This will be resolved in a future hotfix.
    * Fixed an issue with the quest sticky where an ability, like in “Truffle Hunting”, was removed from the sticky.



    * Re-designed Mana Aegis. This ability now costs 30% of mana, and provides 30% damage reduction for 8 seconds.
    * Crystalline Shield now also heals the target for 20% of maximum HP, in addition to its previous effects


    * Heart Freeze now interrupts as intended on boss mobs.
    * Creeping Doom’s description no longer has a 0 for max targets.

    * Scirocco now interrupts as intended on boss mobs.

    * Fixed a tooltip error in the buff effect for Ancient Rage.
    * Titanic Spirit:
    - Fixed an issue where the ability reduced the damage and healing of Masteries.
    - Lowered damage reduction for non-Titan abilities from 50% down to 30%.
    - Now on the global cooldown.
    - Fixed a bug in the tooltip causing it to state outgoing healing is reduced by 50%. It now correctly reads 80%. This is a tooltip change only.

    * Lowered the duration of Invigorate from 10s down to 8s.
    * Changed Invigorate's healing to count towards the Caster’s healing rather than towards the Target’s healing.

    * Beacon of the Drake no longer deals damage to those who died during the effect upon resurrection.
    * Lava Lance now interrupts as intended on boss mobs.


    * Quest: The Epic Story of the Wilds: Act 2: The Titan and the Tigress is now available to players who have completed Act 1 and obtained the quest Hail to the King from Rahn in Shal Korva.
    * Mailboxes in Planetouched Wilds should be working again. Please tip your mailperson so this strike doesn’t repeat.

    * The PvP Mercenary Boxes gained from level 60+ warfronts should now appropriately award loot to Primalist characters.

    * The issue with unsocketing Improved Planar Crafted runes has been fixed.
    * The level 50 Icewatch notoriety runes have been fixed.
    * Dance partners awarded from artifact sets and login bonuses should no longer put opposing faction players into combat.
    * The hit on the following weapons has been correctly set to 200: Flawless Primalist Glaive and Flawless Primalist Greatmaul.
    CM Morgana ~ Community Coordinator ~
    Avatar art is courtesy of Allie Brosh!

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